Facebook “Friends”

I’ve commented in the past that I’m much more selective about whom I friend on Facebook than a lot of people seem to be. I will never respond to a friend request from someone who I don’t know, in the sense of having met them either on line or in meatspace, with the exception of those who actually introduce themselves and explain why they want me to friend them. This is just one reason why.

9 thoughts on “Facebook “Friends””

  1. Funny how the same rules about who you hang with apply online as offline, and how hard it seems for folks to realize that.

  2. Weird that Facebook doesn’t think long and hard about some slightly more sophisticated set of security protocols, so that users can control access a bit more subtly than ON and OFF.

  3. Every time I log onto Facebook (once a week? Twice?), I get auto-suggestions from Facebook itself of people who are “friends” with one of my friends that I might want to friend. Why would I do that if I don’t know them personally? Why would they (or I) care? They’re strangers to me. Some of my actual friends live on the West Coast – why the hell would I want to “friend” one of their friends – a total stranger to me?

    I get those “friend” requests from supposed women a lot; I can’t think why, since my name is obviously female. Do they think I’m so desparate for friend I’ll fall for their scam, or do they just don’t care? I wonder if these things are automatic or targeted?

  4. Everybody wants to be your friend, Barb. It must be your smile.

    Nobody sends me friend requests except my auto insurance agent and some fellow named Rep Wiener or Weiner in New York, who says he knows a lot of hot young women in my area. Damn pr0n spammers.

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