2 thoughts on “The Latest “Glitch” In ObamaCare”

  1. If you see PPACA as not an insurance reform measure but merely a planned step towards government-controlled and “paid”-for health care, it all makes sense.

    These “glitches” aren’t glitches at all, but a step on that path to get more and more people on the taxpayer funded program, drive the insurance companies out of the market and creat a mandatory single-payer regime.

  2. “If we do a back of the envelope calculation in which…”

    No reference to where the $15,000 comes from, no reference to what the actual percentage uses the services blah blah blah blah blah…

    We’ll leave off the table the apparent inability of Americans to run something the rest of the world are managing perfectly well.

    Is this a national problem I wonder.

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