The Country’s In The Very Best Of Hands

“Eric, don’t call my bluff.”

Somehow, I think that he doesn’t quite get the concept of bluffing.

I’d love to play poker with him. Does he know that it’s played with cards?

Yes, I categorized this as humor. So I don’t cry.

I have to say, I see a big future in tee shirts and bumper stickers from this. Not to mention campaign ads.

[Update a few minutes later]

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32 thoughts on “The Country’s In The Very Best Of Hands”

  1. Does anybody know if the Cantor budget requires raising the debt limit? If not, passing it would be a good way to put the ball firmly in the bluffers court. (Mixing poker and basketball analogies…)

  2. “Don’t call my bluff.” I’m still scratching my head on that one. I’d like to have been there…it’s all about tone, though, you know?

    Did he say, “Please, Eric don’t call my bluff…I’m scared.”


    “Eric, what…do you think you’re gonna call my bluff? Please….”


    “Go ahead, Eric…don’t call my bluff.”

  3. “Does he know that it’s played with cards?”

    “Race cards, maybe.”

    Well played, sir.

    Thread over.

  4. This clown and his minions stiffed the customary salute for the CMH honoree today. IIRC, after the award, from that moment onward, everyone in the chain of command offers a salute first, no matter what their rank.


    Hmmm … “bluff” … “Senor, that word; I do not think it means what you think it means …”


  5. Remember, this is the guy who complained in the town-hall debate that John McCain considered him “Uh, uh, uh, ‘green behind the ears.'”

    I swear, this pencilneck is the source of more solecisms in three years than Dubya was in eight.

  6. All I got is Simpsons:

    Lionel Hutz, Attorney at Law: I rest my case.
    Judge: What? You rest your case?
    LH: Oh, I thought that was just an expression. I meant, case closed.

    Homer: I’m not saying Mister Burns is incontinent…
    Lisa: Dad, do you even know what that word means?

  7. oldguyinwhittier Says:
    “This clown and his minions stiffed the customary salute for the CMH honoree today. IIRC, after the award, from that moment onward, everyone in the chain of command offers a salute first, no matter what their rank.”

    The strange part was after Obama gave his speech, he turned and ran off stage leaving the CMH honoree standing alone thinking wtf happens next, are we done, do I walk off the stage or just stand here for a few more minutes?

  8. A friend of mine spends a fair amount of time in Springfield with politicians. He said the Illinois Senate used to have a game. Bill Brady would play (2nd place finisher in last Ill guv race), Peter Roskam, a bunch of guys along with Barack Obama.

    When asked about Obama, one of them said, “He is a nice guy, but he is a communist.”.

    You learn a lot about someone supposedly when you play golf with them, but you probably learn more when you play cards with them.

  9. Someone correct me if I have the details wrong here:

    Obama: we need to raise the debt ceiling again.
    GOP: no freakin’ way.
    Obama: if we don’t raise the debt ceiling we won’t be able to pay the entitlements.
    GOP: Oh you bastard, threatening old people! Bastard!

    Once again the supposed Conservatives have missed a golden opportunity. Instead of taking the cheap shot, they should have said: good, entitlements are the reason we have a national debt in the first place!

    But that would require some sort of consistency.. and you can’t expect that from a politician, no matter what side of the aisle.

  10. Cover Me @ 9:25pm: If Obama were green behind those enormous ears, the ecology of the entire Earth would be healed and balanced for the rest of my lifetime.

  11. correct me if I have the details wrong

    Since you asked. Obama is claiming no, as in zero, entitlements will be paid. Indeed, it is increasing entitlement payments that are creating an untenable situation. However, no conservative has suggested ending Social Security or Medicare next month. Perhaps you can point out the inconsistency you seem to be noting?

  12. The problem is that Obama will still win, not only on this issue, but on every single other issue, because the Republicans lack the courage to meet the Democrats’ violence with their own violence. When will the Republicans fight back against our wicked Democrat owners?

  13. “Obama: if we don’t raise the debt ceiling we won’t be able to pay the entitlements.

    And with that Obama basically admits that Social Security is a scam. After repeated assurances that the Social Security trust fund is financially sound now Obama basically admits that the lock box is full of nothing but IOU’s. So, there you have it. Obama bankrupted Social Security. Like Glenn Reynolds wrote, “If [Social Security] were privatized, your check wouldn’t be at the whim of a President with a politicized agenda.”

  14. The thing with Mr. Obama is that he is a walking-talking polker “tell.”

    The “don’t call my bluff” line? Maybe that is fluffing the lines spoken by Commodor Decker from The Doomesday Machine?

    Decker to Spock: “Y’re bluffing.” Spock to Decker: “Vulcans never bluff.”

    Cantor of course is Jewish and we all know that Vulcans are Jewish? Well, at least Nimoy is of Jewish heritage and we know by now that the Vulcan hand sign is the “secret handshake” among the Kohanim, the Temple priests.

    Obama to Cantor: “Don’t call my bluff.” Cantor to Obama: “If I am directed not to call your bluff, Logic indicates that you are indeed bluffing for there to be a bluff that I am not supposed to call.” Obama to Cantor: “You Vulcan half-breed!” Cantor to Obama: “Mr. President, I don’t think it is a good thing to bring mixed racial heritage into this discussion . . .”

  15. Actually, one of my beloved sibs, who fancied to be the street-smart negotiator in the family, admitted to what transpired in negotiations over the sale price of a house he was purchasing.

    When the other party asked plaintively, “Is that your final offer (price)?”, my beloved sib, a little bit too quick on the draw as it were, shot back with, “I’ll tell you when it is my final offer!”

    The parties involved had a little chuckle, and my sib and the seller were able to agree upon a price satisfactory to both parties and he purchased the house. The poor kid, however, got a lot of razzing from Mom on that one.

  16. Ah hah! I am beginning to see where Eric Cantor is learnin’ his strategical skills!

    He’s getting them from you guys!


    Again, thanks for the lolz.

    This really would be amusing to read if it wasn’t quite so serious.

  17. No problem, Dave O’Neil!

    Also, your mom says hi. She’s got a mouth on her like a vacuum cleaner. lolz!

  18. your president is a fool

    worse, he is fooling you – his allegiances arent with the West or America’s dominance

    lying, disbarred, bait and switch, just watch him tear apart the country from within and abroad

    next time use google

  19. your president is a fool

    worse, he is fooling you

    He has never fooled us.

    And the only reason Dave O is fooled is, well, he’s a fool. He still checks the dictionary to see if “gullible” is in there.

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