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  1. Let’s all sing along now… It’s the tea parties fault. Their foundational principle is smaller government and less spending from members coming from both the right and left. Yet, the media has been mostly SUCCESSFUL??? in smearing the tea party.

    That absolutely must be fixed. My sense is this bumper sticker doesn’t have enough impact to be very effective. Don’t let that discourage a continued search however.

    How in the world could the media be successful with such a stupid campaign?

  2. The administration is terrified of the Tea Party. Why else would they expend all that effort if the Tea Party was no threat to them?

  3. Ken,

    Maybe because the facts and S&P report support the case for the Tea Party being responsible. After all S&P didn’t start to consider a downgrade until after the 2010 election created the gridlock in Washington and made the national debt an issue. Indeed the only ones trying to dodge their responsibility in the downgrade are the Tea Party faithful.

  4. Indeed the only ones trying to dodge their responsibility in the downgrade are the Tea Party faithful.

    Because the Tea Party faithful are doing everything they can to shift responsibility onto the politicians who’ve been spending beyond the nation’s means at the federal level for the last 80 years.

    Meanwhile the politicians who’ve been spending beyond the nation’s means at the federal level for the last 80 years are doing … what?

  5. Meanwhile the politicians who’ve been spending beyond the nation’s means at the federal level for the last 80 years are doing … what?

    Demanding even more of our money so they won’t have to cut the spending they use to buy votes, that’s what. History of the past 30 years shows that for every dollar of additional revenue they get, they’ll increase spending by about $1.40 but they want us to trust them this time. Really. Just give them more money and they’ll spend it wisely. And pigs will fly.

  6. How is it that the Tea Party, being only a few years old, is responsible for decades of debt of building?

  7. You know, that is the great thing about a good astrotruf operation. If you do it right the astrotruf actually believes its grass 🙂

    FYI on the budget deal


    Debt deal: anger and deceit has led the US into a billionaires’ coup

    [[[The immediate reason is that Republican members of Congress supported by the Tea Party movement won’t budge. But this explains nothing. The Tea Party movement mostly consists of people who have been harmed by tax cuts for the rich and spending cuts for the poor and middle. Why would they mobilise against their own welfare? You can understand what is happening in Washington only if you remember what everyone seems to have forgotten: how this movement began.

    On Sunday the Observer claimed that “the Tea Party rose out of anger over the scale of federal spending, and in particular in bailing out the banks”. This is what its members claim. It’s nonsense.

    The movement started with Rick Santelli’s call on CNBC for a tea party of city traders to dump securities in Lake Michigan, in protest at Obama’s plan to “subsidise the losers”. In other words, it was a demand for a financiers’ mobilisation against the bailout of their victims: people losing their homes. On the same day, a group called Americans for Prosperity (AFP) set up a Tea Party Facebook page and started organising Tea Party events. The movement, whose programme is still lavishly supported by AFP, took off from there.]]]

  8. Let’s see:

    Obama says no signature unless the bill takes him past the election: he’ll veto it. Ironclad line in the sand.

    He will KILL the bill.

    Conservatives say no tax increases or they will not vote for the bill. They will KILL the bill.

    But…it’s the tea party’s fault? Yeah….right.

    In actual fact you had both sides drawing lines in the sand. Both sides threatening to sink the deal.

    Neither side ready to see reality: that the Tea Party is quite correct.

    If you don’t like the fact that Conservatives stuck to their guns on this one (to a degree) that’s simply tough.

    But don’t try to promote the fiction that the only side making threats were fiscal Conservatives. That would be utterly ludicrous.

  9. I told you that Troll Matula jumped the shark — here’s more proof if you need it: he actually links to an article in the fucking Guardian as if we would accept any argument in that leftwing rag. Also, it’s a British leftwing rag (for those of you who have just arrived here from another galaxy). Of course they’re going to write some obnoxious, commie spew about US “billionaires.” The smug ignorance of the British leftie on the subject of the culture of the United States is notorious. And George Monbiot? The guy who thinks people should be forced to give their spare rooms to strangers because of some supposed “housing crisis”?

    Please up your game if you want us to even take you seriously as a troll: when writing about internal American politics, at least link to something written by an American leftist. He might still be stupid and annoying, but at least he won’t be a foreigner butting into things that don’t concern him.

  10. Thomas, you’ve been warned about the ‘authority fallacy’ already. How about a real argument? You know, reason built upon facts?

    Let me respond to your argument with the dignified intellectuality it deserves… [Up your(s)/GDP]

    Please continue to insult the tea party. You’re doing a swell job.

  11. you talk like a downgrade wasnt part of Obama’s ongoing plan to destroy America’s exceptionalism.

  12. Gregg,

    You do know they Republicans are on record of voting against a clean debt increase that all previous Congresses routinely approved since 1917. The Republicans are the ones that choose to make it an issue.

  13. Ken,

    I know it’s hard to admit you have been duped by an astroturf campaign, but you have. But you need to convince yourself, so look at the groups and think tanks behind the Tea Party and see who is funding them. The trail is not that hard to see if you are willing to look for it.

  14. Thomas, I see the puppeteers as clearly as you do. But I also see something you don’t. Those puppeteers have a lot in common with Obama. They, like Obama, look for where the parade is heading and then run to the front of the line. You might as well claim that BO is the tea party leader.

    Get this (or continue to have no sense of perception or reason) any actual member of the tea party, if nothing else, can be defined by their extreme loathing of ‘leaders.’

    If you don’t get that, you are nothing but a fraud. Every time you mention Astroturf I will see you with Pelosi’s face and gag. Perhaps Andrea should be slapping some sense into me? I seem to have too much faith in human decency here.

    Are you going to step out from behind the curtain, or surprise me nearly to death with an honest perception? Or perhaps I should ask whose pulling your strings???

  15. Ken,

    As for who is pulling my strings, the answer is nobody. I do my research and since my doctoral background is in how public opinions are formed, in my dissertation I focused on building support for spaceports, I know a astroturf movement when I see one.

    If you want to see how public opinion if formed, just read up on Edward L. Bernays. Here is a good biography to start with in your local library.


  16. Thomas, nobody is saying that attempts to astroturf don’t happen. What is the phrase, “Great learning has made you mad!” You perceive something, fine. The problem is, the thing you see is blinding you to the thing you don’t see. Your name calling reveals your blindness. It discredits your arguments. It makes you look like a fool.

    The average person understands that the government is out of control. They may not have the same ‘insider nuanced understanding.’ What they do have is that much maligned common sense. Every time somebody calls them a name they get righteous indignation at the slurs.

    You see a bunch of ignorant folks. I see wisdom of common folks. Something our founders saw and depended upon as well. It doesn’t matter if someone is trying to take advantage and manipulate them. There nature is like ants being provoked. It makes them more politically powerful.

    Forget astroturf. Try listening to how fed up they are with the governments actions. You can question there political savvy. But you lose the game when you question their sincerity.

  17. Ken,

    You are just illustrating my point. The foundation of a good astroturf strategy is to find something the public is emotional about and then shape those emotions and increase them via social amplification to focus them on the agenda of the group that is funding the astroturf campaign.

    That is what was done with the Tea Party, taking a simple rant in a financial exchange against the bailout Wall Street was getting at the expense of Main Street and focusing it in favor of Wall Street against the interests of Main Street. A classic example.

    Tell me, what is the difference between the Tea Party agenda and the interests of Wall Street? Then show me how it benefits Main Street to have programs like Medicare and Social Security cut, and future generations having to bear a greater weigh of financial responsibility so Wall Street is able to keep more of their million dollar bonuses…

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