3 thoughts on “On Beauty, And Truth”

  1. Nice video.
    Don’t understand what means harder to believe.
    But I am mostly what you could call secular.
    I don’t believe in god. I think god probably exists.
    But what seems important is god connected to a person.
    I think god would have to be connected to a person- and a bug.
    Does God care?
    Again, god would have to care.
    Can a person control god?
    I don’t think a person can control another person, so basically, no.
    But maybe this is wrong.
    It seems to me that people who believe in god tend to want
    to control god- and basically it seems to me the bible tells
    people this is a bad idea.
    But I just started reading the bible. It kind of boring- but there is enough
    to keep me reading it.
    Up to the point in bible so far, God is the God of the Jews.
    And this God doesn’t want the Jews to believe in other gods.
    And the Jews are constantly not believing in God.
    At this point of the book, one could assume there other gods, and
    the Jew God doesn’t want Jew to worship those others. And
    other people believing in their gods isn’t the issue. except in sense
    that the Jew God is going to kick their ass- assuming the Jews were to believe in this God, which they constantly fail to do.
    Now if I was a Jew I might have problem at this point, but I am not
    so I am not connected “genetically” to this agreement- at least as far as
    I know:).
    Now if I were to worshiping anything it might be more important- but worshiping anything isn’t something I do. And it seems that worshiping
    idols was something that really pissed off this Jew God.
    Anyhow, I suppose I will finish reading the book at some point, but
    from other sources it seems that God or gods are basically unknowable.
    You don’t see them- they can take on forms which one can see and talk to- basically Gods/gods are superhuman or beyond human. Or understanding god is like a 12th century human understanding a 21ist century human- but much, much harder. It’s not going to happen.
    So advanced space aliens aren’t god, but closer to godlike [maybe].
    I would suppose a basic requirement of God is being able alter or stop time. At least that, how else *something* create this universe?
    I do believe in god in sense that the belief one god seems to be related to the development of science and technology and modern world, in general- so I am glad some people are doing all this believing and worshiping, etc.

    And I do not believe our modern world was an accident. That pretty wild and crazy belief- stranger and more unlikely than God talking from a burning bush.

  2. There is the beauty of seeing a flower how a bee does, which is not at all like a human does. Some artists and bees see the flower the same way.

  3. In every age we think we’ve arrived. Feynman seems to suspect we never will. I suspect he’s right and that’s a good thing.

    We will always have more to search for without end which incidentally is supported by scripture.

    The beholder is becoming recognized. Beauty requires it. Value requires it. Perhaps even existence requires it. Is this alone proof that god exists?

    Many ask, if god exists why isn’t he providing proof like a huge deposit in my personal bank account? Well, consider the universe itself. Kinda big. The definition of awe inspiring, yet many do not give it a thought at all.

    There is plenty of evidence that god has influenced lives (and more than just personal testimony… actual secular historical evidence.) You have to disregard that to always be asking for more. We are promised there will be more… the knowledge of Jehovah will someday be universal ‘as the waters cover the seas.’

    That day will not be the end of the search for beauty and knowledge however. There will always be more.

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