No, Mr. President

…the problem is not America’s “laziness”:

What this is, is the opening shots in the inevitable decay of a Socialist economy. When productivity starts dropping and there are fewer resources available for redistribution, the leadership notes that the people aren’t working as hard as they used to. The obvious conclusion is that the people have gotten lazy, and the nomenklatura then start on a campaign to get people to work harder and more effectively. Look up some political posters from the USSR of the Twenties and Thirties for examples.

It isn’t true. What’s happening is that people are working more virtuously — in Socialist class-warfare terms.

Once you understand that the president’s world view is essentially Marxist (as he made quite clear in his presidential campaign to anyone who both understands such things and was paying attention), then the policies and actions become clear.

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  1. “Because of our federalist system, sometimes a foreign investor comes in and they’ve got to navigate not only federal rules, but they’ve also got to navigate state and local governments that may have their own sets of interests…”

    That’s “laziness”? You’d think the man had no native language!

  2. Seems to me the “we” in Obama’s remarks was the Federal government, not the people. I mean, if you go on from Titus’ quote, you’ll read Obama saying “Being able to create if not a one-stop shop, then at least no more than a couple of stops for people to be able to come into the United States and make investments, that’s something that we want to encourage.”

    I think Reynolds and the rest missed the President’s point.

        1. Yea, crystal clear that Obama is talking about increasing the command and control of the economy a la, Socialism. I’m sure he’d love to have all the prospective overseas business ventures funneled through the federal government where it could then be doled out to regions of the country that need it most, i.e. politically-connected union-card-required blue states. So, when he says, “lazy” he’s really pandering to his his far-left base implying that the government has been to lazy in fast-tracking the socialist control of the economy. At least that’s what we can keep interpreting it as if you insist on the notion that Obama was refering to the federal government. Or, we can just go back to implying that he’s calling Americans in general lazy. I mean really, for someone touted as the “Greatest Orator Evah!” he should be more clear in making these distinctions more readily apparent.

    1. But the federal government has never had the responsibility of “streamlining” investment in the US, because until recently the only thing it took to invest in the US was desire and enough cash to buy a boat ticket.

      Are all the Mexican immigrants swamped by local, state, and federal regulations? Nope, because they fly under the radar. Were all the previous European immigrants swamped by local, state, and federal regulations? Nope, because there weren’t any burdensome regulations to speak of, which is why immigrant hubs like New York were awash in small business start ups.

      As government has expanded, it has necessarily accumulated power and control, making us more like the top-down micro-managed economies that the immigrants are trying to flee. Our lack of burdensome government was our competitive edge, and having thrown it away, a federal advertising program is not fixing the problem.

      Here’s a simple workplace analogy. We’re having trouble hiring new workers for the factory floor because nobody wants to work here, and nobody wants to work here because we have seven levels of middle management pricks prowling the assembly lines, giving them shit, cutting their pay, writing them up for the slightest infractions, and making their life at work a living hell. Having the HR department run more ads on jobs dot com won’t fix the problem. Firing at least half the managers will.

    2. Seems to me the “we” in Obama’s remarks was the Federal government, not the people.

      Eh, I can see that. But it’s worth noting that the “we” in Obama’s remarks should, first and foremost, be Obama and his appointees. He has yet to answer for the administration’s renown hostility to business, its shortsightedness, or its duplicity. Instead, we are treated to more coins of the realm, hollow words.

    3. Seems to me the “we” in Obama’s remarks was the Federal government, not the people.

      Not if you put this in the context of similar remarks provided in the same story you linked. The quote from the Florida interview was

      The way I think about it is this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft, and we didn’t have that same competitive edge we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track. But I still wouldn’t trade our position with any country’s on Earth. We still have the best universities and scientists and best workers in the world. We still have the most dynamic economic system in the world. We need to bring all those things together

      I don’t see how one can reasonably construe the “we” in this passage to mean the federal government. Unless, of course, you are a Socialist who thinks the Federal government owns the universities and scientists and workers in this country.

  3. I’m surprised nobody seems to be making the obvious connection to Carter’s malaise speech. The country’s going to hell in a handbasket, and it’s our fault.

    I’ve already seen this flick. I just hope it has the same ending.

    1. Right on Bart. Carter II on steroids.

      Yet it is our fault because we allow these turds to run our lives into the ditch collectively (I’m still an individual working to improve my own life – using the library because it will be another month or two before I get some decent internet access in these mountains. I bought an RV which is now running and am now looking for a good fixed rate unlimited data mobile internet package.)

      The tea party made a decision right after 2008 to work from the bottom up. Doing that may progressively improve things but the rate of decline seems likely to overwhelm any progress.

      It seems more and more that it will take a real crisis (not what passes for a ‘useful’ one) to shake us out of this disaster we call normal.

  4. I called it Ma-laziness this morning! America will love being lectured on it’s work ethic by avid golfer, Jimmy Carter Jr!

    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Obama does a lot less damage to the country when he’s playing golf than he does when he’s playing president. I wish he’d play golf all day, every day until Jan 20, 2013 when America corrects the mistake that was his election.

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