5 thoughts on “Multi-Layer Insulation”

  1. I keep wondering about the possibilities in designed-for-vaccum Aerogels, myself. Particularly the alumina types.
    Regular foamed alumina is already an impressive refractory insulator, capable of 2000K. An aerogel form then minimizes internal connections, and with all of the air leeched out as well….

    Additionally, the final product contains only two elements-Al &O2.

    1. I’ve always wondered whether aerogels (the strongest substance by weight and the best insulator) could be used as a substrate for a large optical telescope, especially when formed from materials with a near zero coefficient of thermal expansion. If so, launching really large space telescopes would be limited only by the size of the payload fairing, not the incredible weight of the optics.

      It would also bring up the real possibility of assembling huge ones in orbit, either fabricating it there or assembling them from components as multi-mirror telescopes, which would be a good reason to have an active space station.

  2. I’m surprised this tech didn’t get stimulus funds to weatherize spacecraft from the effects of global warming. :-p

    1. Didn’t you get the memo? It’s now “climate change”. Use of “global warming” in ungood. With “climate change”, any increase or decrease in temperatures becomes justification for the same multi-national actions – raising taxes, wealth transfer and installation of multi-national bureaucracy to dictate how we can live (if we can live).

      1. Oh that’s right. I was used to everyone screaming about how hot it was this summer and that it was proof of global warming. Now it’s the winter coming up its called climate change again and everyone will be startled by how cold its become. It’s tough work being a skeptic trying to stay on top of these enviro-weenie’s latest fads.

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