12 thoughts on “America 3.0”

  1. Good idea, but the system architecture, based on the LockeSoft/Jefferson 1776RepGov processor, never did work well, and simply can’t handle the increased processing load of today’s OS. The solution is not bigger, better software; it is to discard the CPU paradigm altogether and return to the traditional idea of independent, networked mini-systems, each running its own OS on the processor best suited to its unique environment. Kludge x kludge = KLUDGE.

  2. Up with libertarian distributed computing on massive peer-to-peer networks, and down with evil centralized, fascistic cloud computing.

  3. In other words, widely decentralized open source government. All the Feds should do is be the IEEE and set the comunications standard, not the content.

  4. I’ve had some slight contact with standards committees–I’m pretty sure you don’t want to cross a standards committee with the federal government.

    1. It’s my impression that the same kind of people who gravitate to standards committees also want to run local home owners associations. In other words, petty fascists.

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