The “Occupy” Movement

…and its simultaneous enthusiasm and contempt for democracy.

[Update a few minutes later]

When is it all right to emulate Guy Fawkes? Hint: don’t try it while Republican.

[Update a while later]

Whatever happened to Occupy [Insert Your City Here]?

I’m guessing that the expression of the protesters — in form and substance — wasn’t serving the interests journalists favor. Excessively left-wing speech coming out of an angry/confused/unclean face… it’s not helping the mainstream Democrats.

You don’t say.

5 thoughts on “The “Occupy” Movement”

  1. When is it all right to emulate Guy Fawkes?

    When you want to use violence to replace a democratic institution that oppresses Catholics with a monarchy that oppresses Protestants, I guess?

    I’ve never understood* why people claiming the mantle of “democracy” would emulate Mr. “Blow Up Parliament To Establish A Catholic King”.

    (* Actually, I do. Because they saw a pretty movie where someone claiming his mantle was “for freedom and stuff!!!!”, despite the incoherence and deceitfulness of the film.)

  2. Anyone see the Charlie Rose show about OWS today? I only caught part of it and didn’t catch the names of the interviewees, but there was one guy who seemed to be from “Central Casting,” as if Republicans had hired him to personify OWS to Middle America. White Afro hair-do, unshaven face, and most remarkably of all, Charles Manson Eyes. No surprise what his feeling about OWS were.

  3. They claim OWS has no leaders but they do.

    They claim OWS isn’t organized but it is.

    They claim has no funders but they do.

    They claim OWS has no demands yet they do.

    OWS owes a great debt to the journOlist for withholding information about the organization and its background.

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