10 thoughts on “Does Earth Have More Than One Moon?”

  1. I seem to remember a discovery several years ago of one much larger and in a much wider orbit than what this article talks about. One thing that is extremely interesting is that these new ones are in a low enough energy orbit for a spacecraft to go out an capture one.

    That is extremely interesting.

  2. Well, visiting the second moon will give NASA something new to talk about.

    Maybe we can shoot for a landing about 2075 or something.

    1. Yeah, these things are by and large of a size where it’s more a matter of the satellite going for a landing on your ship rather than vice-versa.

      Novelty astronomy, if you ask me.

  3. I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned the fact that Earth now has several thousand moons – if “moon” is defined as a body in orbit around the primary.

    Most of them weren’t there in 1957.

  4. Someone said that earth has 7 moons but only 1 offical.I think theres only one but thats my idea.And is there alians on our moon?

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