10 thoughts on “Just What He Wanted”

  1. Totally, just keep replaying that soundbyte where he says “energy costs will necessarily skyrocket…[repeat]…skyrocket…skyrocket”

  2. Both of those are fabulous campaign themes…unfortunately I never see clever ads like that. Maybe it’s because I’m in Massachusetts.

    But maybe it’s also because the GOP is run by morons like Boehner

    1. They couldn’t even make the point that 12 months (passed by the House) was better than 2 months (passed by the Senate). Obama and the Democrats were harping on the magic of an extra $40 but no one pointed out that the Hosue version would’ve been much more over a year. If they can’t make that case, what exactly can they do?

        1. I don’t believe the leadership, of the Republican Party, understands how badly they screwed up that debate. I understand how hard it must be to see the entire liberal media coming down on you with the same talking points as the Democrats, but I also believe the average voter understood what was going on, in spite of the lack of reportage from the press.

  3. I’m not sure showing an ad in 2012 with Obama’s “energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” comment will work when the country has so many “moochers” of redistributed wealth from America’s middle class. Meg Whitman ran an ad in the 2010 election in California with a video of Jerry Brown saying he had lied iabout lowering taxes, reducing the debt, etc., during the 1970’s elections— yet the idiots in California reflected him. Early in 2011, Brown signed off on a budget that had no chance of living up to its promises…so now Brown is talking about raising income taxes, sales taxes, etc. I fear Americans will be as stupid as the Californians!

  4. The People of this country are really getting worked over by the 535 in Congress. 2 terms for Senator and a maximum of 4 for Representatives and we could change the whole outlook of Congress. We have people now that think themselves royalty, we have to change that by vote before its to late.

  5. Ron: We wouldn’t need term limits if the People would just wake up from their fog, get their noses out of their iPhones, and spend an occasional day away from the football games and fiund out something about how the world works, about how Washington works, and stopped voting for morons like Henry Waxman and Maxine Waters and Alcee Hastings and Charlie Rangel and Harry Reid and Dennis Kucinich and Sheila Jackson Lee and Jim McDermott.

    When that happens, we might – just might – have a chance.

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