11 thoughts on “My Internet Attention Span”

  1. I finished it, but of anything would have stopped me, it would’ve been the fact that the article says the same thing fifteen times.

  2. In other words, this guy wants to go back to the good old days where pretentious pseudo-intellectuals were forced to publish in unread magazines that had circulation numbers in the hundreds, and so only a select few knew what frauds they really were.

  3. I find my concentration and attention span increased when there are pics of scantilly clad hot babes included amoungst the text.

  4. I skimmed it, missed the point, but then copy/pasted a paragraph from Wikipedia anyway in a pedantic and condescending manner just to see how the other half lives.

  5. There are several examples of “homo stupidus” that should eliminate this concern. For example, someone who leads in real time like a military officer (particularly, the NCO). Traders also make fast decisions on often sparse data. The thing that this author ignores is that fast, rapid high throughput environments are a natural fit for many humans who thrive in it.

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