The 5000 Climaquiddick Emails

Reading all of them:

So far, it’s been fascinating to get a look at the climate hoax from the inside. The data fudging, the demonization of doubters, the knee-jerk rejection of alternate hypotheses, the quest for funding, the travel to exotic locations, the pal review, the left-wing politics, the fear of debate, the swagger in the early days, then the panic as the skeptics closed in–it’s all there.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

3 thoughts on “The 5000 Climaquiddick Emails”

  1. The documentary which I hope someday is made about the whole sad farce ought to be called, “That’s not inconvenient. This is inconvenient!”

  2. Also off topic, but definitely about science run amok:

    America should not be allowed to dominate the debate over who controls sensitive scientific information that could be misused in biowarfare terrorism, say the scientists who created a highly dangerous form of bird-flu virus in a study that has been partially censored by the US government.

    Ron Fouchier and Ab Osterhaus of Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam accept recommendations by the US government’s National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, which said key details of their US-funded research should not be published because bioterrorists may use the information to cause a bird-flu pandemic.

    “But we do question whether it is appropriate to have one country dominate a discussion that has an impact on scientists and public-health officials worldwide,” Fouchier and Osterhaus write in the journal Nature.

    They create an airborne version of H5N1 that has a 50% mortality rate, one that could wipe out half of humanity, and whine that the US is the bad guy for not allowing them to publish a How-To manual for every nutcase working in a lab somewhere? I have no words.

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