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  1. I dunno. It’s not hardwired, and no difference in the plumbing. More of a romantic orientation than a purely sexual one, and also a matter of self identification.

    1. I knew at least two women in college (radical feminists) who decided to become lesbians for political reasons.

        1. So according to you it is hardwired ?

          This is ridiculous, the only thing hardwired is Female and Male roles, anything else is self-identification, and psychology.

          There ain’t such a thing has Bi, Homo and Hetero. Just Heterosexual + infinite number of sexual fantasies.

          1. Perhaps you knew them a lot better than I did. Although I find that strange, because I don’t remember you being there.

          2. I never said their position was logical. Perhaps I should have added that I was talking about humans, not Vulcans.

  2. I think I’d put it this way: she IS still hung up on labels. Fundamentally, being lesbian, homos3xual, heteros3xual or bis3xual is about s3x, not love. She separates love from s3x, and since she has decided she can only love women, therefore she must be a lesbian. But in fact she is bis3xual, but she doesn’t like the word or the connotations so she is seeking to redefine it. The problem with this is that, like with many other words, the constant attempts to redefine words about gender and s3xuality means that we lose the ability to think about some important distinctions.

    Um, and how (he asks the board at large) is that comment remotely spammy? Let’s see, how about s3x.

    1. +1

      I read two paragraphs and was like, “Christ women make my head hurt.” I can’t it when they verbally spew nonsense in a uselessly long diatribe like, “I looooove ice cream sooooo much, but not with hard stuff in it, eww eck, but unless it’s chocolate then its good with nuts, but not pecans, just peanuts, or maybe walnuts, but pecans are gross groddy gross, except on pie, but definitely can’t pecan pie with ice cream…even if its chocolate, and anyways what was I saying? Oh yea ice cream is alright I guess.” *slowly nods along as he contemplates the Universe suddenly imploding*

    2. Jardinero1,
      this thing reminds me of Margaret Cho’s stand up routine about a Singles Cruise she once took. The last night of the cruise, she says she wound up ‘sleeping’ with a woman.

      “…I woke wondering…am I straight? Am I gay?! Am I bi-sexual?!! No, I’m just sorta slutty…’

      Here’s what I don’t get. WHY, oh why, do non-heterosexuals lead every conversation with their ‘orientation’?
      “…hi, I’m bi-curious and I need some new tires and an oil change on my hybrid car please. And while you do that work, is there a decent GLAAD supporting, vegan restaurant anywhere close by that I can walk to?”
      I simply don’t get it.

      I’m a normal, thinking adult. I’ll discuss, and have discussed, politics, money and sex with people from both sides of the issues. I’m not freaked out nor disgusted by non-breeders. (if they can say it, so can I) But I don’t want, nor need, to know who IS or who is NOT heterosexual at he tire store, bank or polls.

      And making it an issue in everyday life is intentionally divisive IMHO.

  3. One night, while I was having sex with a new guy for the first time, I burst out into tears because I realized I was a lesbian.

    Don’t be that guy.

    Anyway, I couldn’t decide if that article was written for The Onion or Penthouse Forum.

    Goes off to submit a counter-point article in which I claim to be a rich Indy car driver who is banging the hottest prostitutes, dancers, and strippers in Vegas. Yet upon realizing I never form a deep emotional bond with any of them, I conclude I must be gay – because I like banging hot Vegas chicks, pay them to leave, and can’t remember their names. Epiphany over, I keep banging hot Vegas chicks until I have enough material to submit a magazine article about how I’m probably gay, or would be if I wasn’t constantly banging hot chicks whose names I can’t remember. Then I sit back and await the accolades and understanding that should go to a guy in my unfortunate position, a man who thinks he must be gay because he wants to bonk all the hot chicks, not just one. I’m expecting a call from Ellen or Oprah any day now.


    1. George,
      if your going to ‘be gay’ because you’re boinking too many nameless hot chicks, I suggest not using terms like “unfortunate position’.

      It sounds like ‘losing’!

  4. Stan’s man rules for lesbians:
    1. You can bang the lesbian, but never marry the lesbian
    2. Lesbians will transform into bi-sexuals and bang you if they think you have lots of money
    3. To a lesbian, men exist to serve them.
    4. God forbid you violate part II of rule #1, you can now longer bang the lesbian you are married to, or her girlfriend. Rule #2 is void, & rule #3 is invoked with 2X fury.

    Summary: Never violate Rule #1 !

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