6 thoughts on “The High-Priced Economy”

  1. Evil left-wing people! Keeping prices high for consumers! EVIL!

    Other hand, up through say the 1960’s, conservatives in America consistantly argued for high tarriffs to”encourage” domestic manufacturers. Good right-wing people, keeping prices high for consumers! GOOD!

    Historically, right-wingers have been more “obsessed” than left-wingers with keeping prices high. Granted, we all deplore that now, but we should admit the truth.

  2. The local electric company (government regulated monopoly) is raising rates. No surprise there, but what I find interesting is the promises to provide more subsidies for low income households so they can more easily afford the new rates.

    It looks to me like the idea is to get the energy prices up as much as possible (electric, oil, gas, whatever), crushing the middle class, and then generously offer government handouts to those now deemed (by the government) worthy of the handouts. Pretty sneaky way to produce ‘income equality’ among the lower 2 or 3 income quintiles without admitting desire to do anything but ‘tax the rich.’ This also is yet another avenue to government dependency–vote for me, I’ll raise your energy subsidy check!

    Why not promote policies that would result in cheap energy for everyone, including the poor?

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