13 thoughts on “About Time”

  1. her district has been effectively unrepresented for over a year. This is best for both her and her constituents.

    I know that’s not how you intended it, but I have to agree with this statement as it appears. If I were to rate members of Congress on their performance over the last year, Giffords would be in the top 1%.

    We’d be better off if every elected representative would just stay home.

  2. I agree about the representation problem, but I have to ask, if severe brain damage disqualifies someone from serving in Congress, why are the rest of them still there?

  3. Maybe she will actually live in her district instead of Ron Paul’s 14th Texas Congressional District – League City.

  4. Its sad that the crazy gunman has won one by forcing her from office. Hopefully she will be back in the future.

    1. TM,
      if she had just used proper grammar, he would have left here be.

      I guess I’m wondering how he won? He’s dead and she’s alive, so SHE won IMHO.

  5. Giffords isn’t any worse shape than Tim Johnson (D-SD) during his health problem and he was able to keep the seet and then there’s Strom Thurmond (R-SC) who had to be led around at every step like the title character in Weekend at Bernie’s the last couple years.

    Giffords is a noble figure who’s suffered a horrible tragedy. The way the Democrats have exploited said tragedy to try to quash any opposition by their opponents is reprehensible.

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