10 thoughts on “It Is A Puzzler”

  1. Jihad: Inner search for pink unicorns and skittles.
    Crusade: Violent, bigoted, hateful, partisan rhetoric of a Neanderthal.

  2. He didn’t have explosives, he had ammonium nitrate; fertilizer. Isn’t it obvious? He was demonstrating his skills before applying for employment as a groundskeeper.

    1. Perhaps he was going to write Jihadist, erm, ironic contextual messages with fertilizer so they would keep showing up as greener grass.

  3. While it is certainly disturbing that a jihadist would seek to defile the graves of our fallen heroes. It shows a fundamental ignorance on there part. We Americans far more value the memories of our loved ones while they lived. Their influence, there living memory on those they left behind is what we cherish most. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the dead have no more say then the echo of times past.

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