8 thoughts on “Let The Religious Purges Begin”

  1. What is that clever leftist saying? If you have to enforce your religion’s beliefs, it must not be a very good religion?

  2. I can’t seem to actually find the list of 55 denier meterologists. This is the site, but it just has a rolling set of quotes. Here’s some of the more draconian ones:

    Climate records also show that long before industrialization, the Vikings had settled in Greenland because it was warm enough. I think the jury is still out on this.

    Simply put, the mathematical correlation between an increase in atmospheric CO2 and temperature is very weak.

    The forecasts that the alarmists have made are obviously not coming true. We’re wasting so much time and so much money on this issue.

    Getting alot of questions about climategate and my opinion. My best suggestion. Keep watching the news. Truth comes out slowly sometimes.

    I’m sure they wish we had a gulag for these heretics.

    From their “methodology”:

    Forecast the Facts also includes meteorologists who have suggested that extreme cold spells or snowstorms disprove climate science.

    I’m guessing that suggesting hurricanes, tornados, floods and droughts proves AGW would keep your forehead tattoo-free.

  3. The all-important link to this Attackwatch! of climate alarmists. If you “sign up”, you can spam people you hate.

    Astroturfing follows:

    Tweet this message

    Why’s @ametsoc delaying its climate change statement? Cause 1/4 of TV meteorologists say AGW=scam?

    Email your friends and family

    Your email message:

    Subject: Tell meteorologists to Forecast the Facts

    Dear friends, Did you know that over 60% of meteorologists don’t believe in human-induced climate change? It’s a big problem: weather reporters reach millions of people every night, and right now they’re not telling their viewers the full story about climate change. We can change that. Last week, the American Meteorological Society Council was scheduled to vote on a new official statement on climate change. But the Council punted, delaying action on the statement. That’s why I’ve joined the Forecast the Facts campaign in calling on the AMS to pass the statement immediately, and then promote it to its members so they start telling their viewers the full story on climate change. Help us keep the momentum going. Click below to tell the AMS: stick to the science http://act.engagementlab.org/sign/climate_ams_resist/?referring_akid=.72279.N3brZT&source=taf

  4. The juxtaposition of these two statements is hilarious:

    the reason for the campaign can be found in a 2010 George Mason University surveys, which found that 63% of television weathermen think that global warming is a product of natural causes


    They define “deniers” as “anyone who expressly refutes the overwhelming scientific consensus about climate change: that it is real, largely caused by humans, and already having profound impacts on our world.”

    That’s some consensus. How many “deniers” does it take before you can no longer claim to have a consensus? This is like saying, “Of course I’m likable. All my friends like me.”

  5. The juxtaposition of these two statements is hilarious

    Only if you have trouble distinguishing TV weathermen from climate scientists.

    1. Most of those tv weathermen have more experience and education in how the climate works than the “climate scientists”.

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