My Saturday Night In Hell

I actually know the place well, having been born and raised not far from it:

…the tattooed woman was impressed by my dancing. When the song ended, I went outside to cool off in the chilly winter night air and relax with a cigarette. The tattooed woman followed me outside and started talking to me. “Where are you from?” she asked.

“Originally from Atlanta,” I said.

“Oh, I just love your accent,” she said.

My Southern accent was quite unusual to her because, you see, just like Mama always told me, Hell is full of damned Yankees.

Yes, it is. And this time of year, it is frozen over.

3 thoughts on “My Saturday Night In Hell”

  1. I do so love a good news story chocked full of redneck, bumpkin and small town idiot jokes. I wonder if there’s a medical or anthropological term for someone, from the media with fat in their head?

    I take it that McCain was born INSIDE the city limits of Atlanta.

  2. Having been there, I can attest that there’s a certain amount of truth to the stereotypes. But Livingston County is not “Western” Michigan. It’s in the eastern half of the state.

  3. Jim, I get that it’s ‘accurate’. But is it fair and truthful? I think not, here’s why not.

    When will someone waltz into one of NYC’s Boroughs, Chicago’s working class neighborhoods or L.A.’s ethnic areas or barrios and find people just as ‘educated’ with various funny city type NON-bumpkin accents, who ‘seem’ quaint and oh so unsophisticated?

    I’ve been to plenty of small towns that would make Hell, MN look like a thriving metropolis. I’ve been much better treated in such places in these small towns than you’ll get in most BIG cities. And it’s just old and getting older by the minute, I’m tired of hearing how the MAJORITY of Americans don’t measure up, to some ‘media standard’ that comes out of the coasts. And that a self described Conservative, uses this kind of typical, MSM, looking down the nose, descriptive BS, is galling. How is his stupidity any more honest than that of the lefty journalists.

    This boob said he was ‘from’ Atlanta, but he fails to say which coast he inhabits NOW! It’s dripping off of him though. He may vote and think from the Right, but THIS article could just as easily have come from the Huffington Post.

    He’s a jerk.

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