Be Breitbart

Be Breitbart

And some thoughts from his (and my) friend, Bill Whittle.

[Update a while later]

Repeat after me: The Shirley Sherrod tape was not misleading.

Yes, the only defense that the lying Left has against those who expose the truth is to tell more lies. Breitbart’s point wasn’t about Sherrod at all, but about the NAACP crowd’s racist reaction to her.

[Update later afternoon]

What would Breitbart do?

One thing we must learn from Andrew’s life: If Breitbart could do it, anyone could do it. We no longer have any excuse. America’s bloggers and citizen-journalists and new-media mavens need to get off our collective asses and make news happen.

Every day, you need to ask yourself: What Would Breitbart Do?

And then do it.

Too many bloggers and pundits are responding to Breitbart’s passing with an air of resignation and deflation. Instead, we should look to him as an inspiration, a model of how we all should act. That’s what Andrew would want.

Imagine not one Andrew Breitbart smashing the status quo on a daily basis, but a million Andrew Breitbarts. (Heck, I’d be satisfied with a hundred, but following my own blandishments, I’m reaching for the stars.) The oppressive, smothering narrative chokehold of the entrenched media-political-academic monopoly would be decisively broken once and for all.

If we could get a dozen Breitbarts we’d be ahead of the game.

9 thoughts on “Be Breitbart”

  1. Re the “liberal” narrative about the Sherley Sherrod tape:

    There is so truth but statist truth.

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. The administration recognized the real point (and poison) in the Sherrod video and wisely (for their “side”) sacrificed her in order to make it about her. They’re the ones Sherrod should sue.

  3. IIRC, the og video posted by Breitbart was longer than the clips that were edited by media outlets covering the story. He shouldn’t be blamed for cnn and msnbc editing down the video for their 30 second segments.

    Also, Breitbart never called for her to get fired or called her on her cell while she was driving and fired her.

      1. Yep, he is a real piece of shit isn’t he? Rand chose well in banning that runny piece of excrement. What a vile piece of filth!

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