4 thoughts on “Advice For The Ladies”

  1. This requires that I relate an old joke about a lutheran minister, a catholic priest, and a rabbi. Somehow they came to be arguing on whether sex was work or play. The happily married lutheran smiles and says, “Sex is play.” The catholic priest, arguing from theory, claims that “Sex is work to procreate more christians!” The rabbi shrugs and says sadly, “Sex is definitely play, because if it were work, my wife would have the maid do it.”

  2. I’ve always wondered about ‘how’ good s3x is for us. But I’ve also wondered about caveats. Are there merits that work on a sliding scale, based on WHO, how often and length of ‘act’.

    Is it better to get it over quickly with some hot babe of your dreams; or is it better longer but with someone who’s just willing to be there also having a great time. Sorry, I just think through questions / answers like this article.

    Let’s face it, few of us ARE male model material and few of our wives / girlfriends are Victoria Secret models.
    I haven’t heard or thought about that joke in years but it still made me spray water out of my nose.

  3. This explains why Fred Sanford when he clutched his chest was always calling to his late wife, “Oh, this is the biggest one I ever had. You hear that Elizabeth? I’m cumming to join you honey.”

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