4 thoughts on “Free-Market Health Care”

  1. He doesn’t specify why private insurance can’t cover the costs of acute care as well as the non-so-urgent stuff. He also seems to be assuming that having taken over 30% of the healthcare industry, the Feds will be content to let the rest remain the domain of the market. I’ve heard of very few bureaucracies that didn’t try to expand their power.

    1. That’s what Obamacare did — dictate who will buy what, how much it will cost and how much profit may be kept. Because they’re gracious enough to allow you to buy more, the useful idiots believe that to be a “market.”

  2. It’s gotten to the point where I roll my eyes every time I hear some idiot talk about how markets, particularly free markets, “don’t work”. Health care is far from the only place where the market has been screwed up by decades of regulation, mandates, and other distortions yet way too many people ignore it.

    I think this is one of the key broken beliefs of modern times. Attribute the failures of modern societies to “free markets”, “greed”, etc , and then make the problems worse.

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