6 thoughts on “Terri Garr”

  1. You have to love her attitude. I lost a good friend last year to complications from MS. I’d known him for 17 years and he had MS for a few years before we met (he moved in next door). He said his doctor told him that MS wasn’t going to kill him but other complicatioins would eventually. He died from kidney failure after spending his last several years as a near quadriplegic. He was hospitalized several times over those years with pneumonia (sp) but had an incredible will to live. He was a retired Army Sergeant who used to run the Pikes Peak Marathon. I miss him.

    According to statistics, MS strikes white women more than any other group. However, Clyde was like Richard Pryor and Montell Williams – a black man with MS. Just goes to show that statistics for a group aren’t useful for predicting what will happen for individuals. MS appears to affect men and women differently but I have no idea why.

  2. I’m a Terri Garr fan as well. I remember her from “Close Encounters”, and then followed from then on until early 90’s.

  3. I’d heard that ST episode was going to spin off and was sad it didn’t. Terri stole that show.

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