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  1. “Cold” is conservative code for “nothing but black people, all of them getting ready to beat me to a pulp and take my wallet.” the narrative stands…

  2. Years ago a Miami reporter listened to a police scanner and recorded the officers’ constant use of the N word in referring to ongoing observations. In response to the bad PR, Dade County policemen started saying “Canadian” instead, as in “Look at all them damn Canadians hanging out behind the BP station. I’m going to check it out.”

    So “fucking cold” must be a code word for Canadian, which was already a Florida law enforcement code word for blacks. That or 63F in the rain is fucking cold to a white hispanic Floridian.

  3. When CNN doctored the audio, they removed the bass and low frequencies. This changes the hard “O” in “cold” to a softer “oooo.” If you doubt that, try it yourself. The Communist News Network strikes again, trying to incite a race war.

    If this is true we should get Shirley Sherrod right on it… heads should roll.


  4. Lack of thermal energy is rascist!

    Heck, under Obama, every physical law is just nature’s Jim Crow……except actual Crows of course.

    1. I guess the police are in on it, too. It’s a conspiracy!

      Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and back of his head.

      The facts are not on your side.

        1. Address your questions to the SFD Rescue 38 crew.

          Regardless, your “complete lack of visible injuries” comment is complete bullshit.

        2. 1 – The video is poor quality, it would be hard to see any remnants of blood after he had already been cleaned up at the scene by paramedics, unless the paramedics are liars too.

          2 – Why was the cop looking so closely at the back of Zimmermans head at 1:29?

          3 – I think you’re so eager to prove your white vs black narrative that you’d send an innocent man to prison.

    2. Gee, I remember the days when Gerrib got upset about politicians whipping up violence. Now, Gerrib just chimes in with him.

      Here’s a thought, how about the left in this country allow things to get to court for a decision? Had Gerrib done that at least once, he wouldn’t have looked like such a fool last year. And don’t tell me the issue is Zimmerman isn’t arrested and being tried in court. There’s now a federal and state grand jury looking into the incident. That’s how a civil society functions.

        1. I’m all for the courts deciding the case.

          Then why are you pushing stories about supposed evidence by third parties. The reporter for the Chicago Tribune wasn’t there. The Tribune is using video taken after Zimmerman was arrested and taken in for questioning. Gerrib, is it your mindset that police should just throw a suspect in the back of their squad car, haul him to a precinct office, and never once administer first aid? Is that how’s it is done in Chicago?

          And I note, Gerrib, you seem completely uninterested in the violent rhetoric being whipped up against Zimmerman. You demanded third parties apologize for Rush Limbaugh calling a woman a slut, but when it comes to politicians encouraging mobs to seek justice; you’re silent.

    3. The rescue crew or the Chicago Tribune? We all know that the corrupt MSM (an arm of the unelected US Govt) was caught lying about Zimmerman’s race. Why should anyone believe these people?

    4. Actually it looks like there is a gash on the back of his head in the ABC video. Of course ABC had to put the biggest ‘ABC Exclusive!’ graphic they could find on the bottom of the screen to try and hide the back of his head as he was being turned around and led into the station. But even with the graphic in the way there is a moment where he dips his head down as he moves out from the side of the graphic and you can see a dark area on the back of his head that looks like a laceration. Cuts to the head are funny in that they will profusely bleed for a several seconds and it looks like an, “OMG I’m gonna bleed to death” amount of blood but then it quickly coagulates and stops. There is just a couple of membranes that surround the skull under the epidermis and so not a whole lot of blood volume is present.

      1. Where’s the bandages, where’s the blood on his shirt, how come his nose isn’t bandaged?

        It’s called “compression to stop bleeding”. Learn a little first aid before making a fool of yourself. Once you stop the bleeding via compression, which is act of restricting flow until the blood clots itself and seals the wound; you clean up the area covered with blood. You don’t need to put bandages over people’s air way in order to save their life from a broken nose.

        you show me a vague shadow

        Gerrib, you are basing your entire argument on evidence far from the scene.

        1. You don’t always put a bandage on a broken nose. I had one once from a punch in the face, and I bled like a stuck pig for a couple minutes. I didn’t even have a bruise afterwards.

      2. Chris, your original link to the Chicago Tribune video said:

        He was tended at the scene by paramedics but told them he did not need to go to a hospital, police reported.

        Paramedics don’t treat uninjured people, nor are they asked whether an uninjured person needs to go to the hospital or not. That they had to make such a decision says Zimmerman had gotten beaten up pretty badly, since most people in fist fights who get black eyes, busted noses, bruises, and cuts aren’t taken to the hospital, they’re given rags, a bag of ice, band-aids, and set home.

        1. The “paramedics treated Zimmerman” and the “I saw blood” come from the same source – Ricardo Ayala’s initial police report. Perhaps Ayala saw something that wasn’t there.

          Although, by your theory, where’s the rags, bag of ice and band-aids?

          1. Perhaps Ayala saw something that wasn’t there.

            Possibly. More probable is “there” was at the scene of the incident, which is when and where the initial report was developed. “There” in your videos is after paramedics treated Zimmerman, and he was taken the local police station for questioning.

          2. Chris, if he was injured, the police photogrpahed his injuries. In time they will come out and your clown-shoes will be all the bigger for it.

  5. Why did ABC put that huge logo over the area that might have shown an injury to the back of his head?…..hmmmm

    1. Yea, and even that huge logo seems to be up off the bottom margin of the screen more than usual.

  6. Chris (“Never met a Hive party-line I didn’t like”) Gerrib: the gift that keeps on giving. He’s like some inflated Joe Palooka punchimng bag that keeps popping up to be slammed down.

  7. The fun part is where Chris Gerrib claims he supports science, but is exposed as being ignorant on what constitutes an actual scientific theory. The left claims support for science but only for social status. Ask a lefty what evolution actually means and you’ll often get a stream of ignorance.

  8. I’m a gun owner and NRA member, but this case has been a textbook example of why you don’t go chasing after people with a gun. Once a confrontation is started, proving self-defense becomes difficult. In this case, from Martin’s perspective, he was being stalked by some stranger, who got out of a car in the cold rain to walk down a back sidewalk after Martin.

    I don’t think Zimmerman was racist. He was clearly way too aggressive. To believe his story is to believe that a kid, out alone in the rain in an unfamiliar area and trying to get home for a ball game, would attack somebody after they were walking away from him.

    Zimmerman says he suffered facial and head injuries, which bleed profusely, and said he shot Martin while the later was on top of him. Zimmerman should be covered in blood – his and Martin’s. Unless the Sanford Fire Department has showers and laundry facilities in their ambulances, how exactly do you explain the visible lack of blood? Since the police wanted to file charges, apparently the lack of blood and the questionable story bothered them too.

    As far as Zimmerman’s race, the police report says they found “a white male” (Zimmerman) at the crime scene. I haven’t heard any politician call for mob violence, and the only people I’ve heard call for anything other that an arrest and prosecution are the New Black Panthers (all 5 of them).

    1. Since the police wanted to file charges, apparently the lack of blood and the questionable story bothered them too.

      So the same police that put on their record that they noted Zimmerman’s bloody nose and head are bothered by the lack of such blood on Zimmerman?

        1. Was he bothered by the police record? As in, does Sanford’s lead homicide detective typically ignore the testimony of the police on the scene and instead rely on videos from ABC news?

          1. I would assume that the lead homicide investigator would, you know, go to the fraking scene that night as part of his investigation. I would also assume that the lead homicide investigator would have a personal conversation with Zimmerman that night. Both those actions would be consistent with normal police investigative procedures.

            Since neither of us were on the scene at the night in question, we’ll have to see how things develop. My initial point remains the same – there is plenty of reason to doubt Zimmerman’s story.

          2. My initial point remains the same

            One of your changing ever changing points were:
            Since the police wanted to file charges, apparently the lack of blood and the questionable story bothered them too.

            Why did you claim they were bothered by the lack of blood?

          3. I said “apparently,” as in “I don’t know for sure, but if I were investigating this matter, I would have doubts because.”

            Don’t you? I mean, if somebody came to you and said “somebody broke my nose” and there was no blood on their face, shirt or jacket, wouldn’t you at least wonder why?

          4. If there wasn’t blood on him, why did the paramedics have to treat him and decide whether he needed to go to the hospital?

            How do you know his jacket isn’t soaked in blood? In the Chicago Tribune photo the upper areas of it, near his head, look a different shade of red than the lower portions. His shirt wouldn’t have blood on it because his jacket was fleece, a very thick, absorbant material, zipped up because he was bitching about the cold and rain.

          5. if somebody came to you and said “somebody broke my nose” and there was no blood on their face, shirt or jacket, wouldn’t you at least wonder why?

            I could simply say “yes” to your hypothetical, but its meaningless. Just as it is meaningless that you saw no blood on police video taken after Zimmerman was treated for his injuries by people who claimed he needed treatment. Note, it is their claim and not his.

            Further, why does the video exist at all? It looks to me like Zimmerman was brought in with handcuffs to be questioned by the police. They didn’t need an arrest warrant. He was already in custody.

          6. Correct, they do not need a warrant to arrest him. They could go pick him up this minute if they wanted.

    2. Zimmerman says he suffered facial and head injuries, which bleed profusely, and said he shot Martin while the later was on top of him. Zimmerman should be covered in blood – his and Martin’s. Unless the Sanford Fire Department has showers and laundry facilities in their ambulances, how exactly do you explain the visible lack of blood?

      When you’re flat on your back, your face doesn’t bleed onto your shirt, it bleeds on your face, and blood from the back of your head falls on the grass, and unless you’re really whipped, you aren’t going to leave a dead body on top of you, especially when you’re pumped with adrenalin. And all that cold rain Zimmerman was complaining about is called a “rain shower” for a reason.

      1. Per the initial police report (PDF), Officer Ricardo Ayala apparently found Zimmerman standing up with his gun holstered at approximately 1917 hours. Zimmerman was then handcuffed. So he was standing up and moving around for various periods after the fight.

        The raw video I linked to above starts at 1952 hours. If his nose was bleeding, like it would if it were broken, where’s the blood? I personally have a hard time getting blood out of clothes with hot water in a washing machine. You’re telling me that 35 minutes in a light rain (or actually less, since some time was spent in an ambulance and in transit) was sufficient to get Zimmerman as clean as the driven snow?

        1. From the video, it’s impossible to tell whether his jacket was soaked with buckets of blood, since it’s a red fleece jacket. And as per the police report, he was treated by paramedics, which they wouldn’t do if he wasn’t injured. A band-aid isn’t used for a broken and bloody nose unless it’s been cut on the outside. Internal bleeding is stopped by shoving wads of gauze up the nostrils until the bleeding stops, which it probably would have 45 minutes later. And yes, paramedics have to clean the blood of the skin and treat the wound to stop the bleeding and prevent infection. It’s part of their job.

          And on top of that, Zimmerman says he shot Martin when Martin went for Zimmerman’s gun. That’s all that is required for justified use of lethal force in self defense, and Zimmerman could’ve done it without suffering the slightest scratch. That would leave us with no evidence other than the eyewitnesses who say Martin was on top of Zimmerman beating the snot out of him.

        2. So…
          This is rely on police testimony you like, then ignore the – same policeman’s account of nose, blood, wet, etc.

          In your -own- source.

          1. So, your argument now is that Serino is claiming that Zimmerman was never injured and needed treatment?

          2. My argument is:
            1) The only sources for Zimmerman being injured are Zimmerman and the responding officer, Ayala. All the news media reports seem to be merely quoting one or the other of those two sources.
            2) The lead homicide detective, Serino, who had access to both parties and other information, either did not believe Zimmerman’s injuries were real or didn’t think they proved self-defense.
            3) The video we have seen, taken 35 minutes after the shooting, does not support Zimmerman’s story of a broken nose or any other fight.

    3. I’m a gun owner and NRA member,

      So is Michael Moore. Even Satan can quote scripture. What’s your point?

  9. (…SISTER MARY FRANCIS…it’s as if certain people in here LIKE being beat about the head and shoulders with facts and their own words…)

  10. Make that send an innocent hispánic to jail Cecil.

    Anybody consider that he might have not ben wearing the jacket when the struggle occured and the bloon is under it? That could ben why he complained on the tape that it’s “fucking cold!”?

    1. In the original police report, Zimmerman is described as “a white male, wearing a red jacket and blue jeans.”

      Actually, I have to correct myself. Officer Timothy Smith was first on the scene, and observed the blood on Zimmerman. Officer Ayala was second on the scene, and started CPR on Martin with Sgt. Raimondo, who was third to arrive.

      Zimmerman was, per Smith, “placed in the rear of my vehicle and given first aid by the SFD.” Presumably this was by somebody not working on Martin, because SFD also started CPR on Martin when they arrived.

      Smith’s report says that Zimmerman was transferred directly to the police department (no stop at ER) and handed over to a detective.

      So, do Sanford police cars have showers and laundry facilities?

      1. Why would he need a shower and laundry facilities? I cut myself pretty badly all the time and just wrap the wound till it stops and then give it a quick rinse. Many of my housemates have wandered home with far more severe cuts and abrasions than Zimmerman is claiming and they have to point the wounds out to me.

        One housemate had fallen down hard and badly injured her legs, then took out a telephone pole in front of an Islamic center, totaling her car and the pole. She got treated at the scene, hauled off to jail, got out a few hours later, and I didn’t notice a thing from 20 feet, with a far clearer view than is in any of the police videos, even though she hadn’t changed clothes and was still wearing a white flower print dress, with lots of blood on it under close examination. You’d have to examine a red fleece jacked closely, very closely, to see if it had blood in it or not.

        Others housemates have come home from bar fights where they got cuts all over their knuckles, bloody noses, and head wounds. They have to show the wound and tell the story or you’d just think they’ve had a routine rough night. Zimmerman didn’t claim he’d been slashed with a knife, speared, or shot. He’d just gotten the snot beat out of him.

        Your police report also lists five witnesses, none of whom has come forward to dispute the police account, and one of whom has come forward to confirm it.

        So in your version of events, Zimmerman is lying, Zimmerman’s family is lying, all the police are lying, the paramedics are lying, and the eyewitnesses are lying. That they all concluded that Zimmerman shot some innocent black kid in cold blood when he was out for a walk, probably execution style, and everybody lied about it, even a black witness.

        Do you really think all those cops, paramedics, blacks and hispanics are secret KKK members, and if they’re not, how did they all come up with the same consistent story so quickly? How did they get the local school officials to join in the lie and describe an innocent black kid as a jewel thief who was thrown of school on drug charges? How many people have to be in on it?

        1. One would expect a head wound to be kind of messy, particularly one that made the victim fear for his life. That blood would also tend to find it’s way all over the face and body as the victim stood up and walked. I see none of that in the video.

          Now Zimmerman may very well have gotten a bloody nose (follow me on my way back from the store and that’s as likely an outcome as any), but the video would suggest the situation was not as dire as Zimmerman has said. My guess is that he got over zealous, the kid hit him for following him, and he panicked and went for his gun. By following Martin (who wasn’t doing anything wrong), he initiated a confrontation and is thus responsible for the outcome.

          1. From your statement Chris, it’s obvious you’ve never had to fight for your life or had a severe head wound. I’ve had both. I have permanent damage from one.

            Just recently, if I’d had a gun I probably would have shot my brother. He never touched me, just threatened me while drunk out of his mind. It would have been justified. He’s now in jail and facing three years in prison. It’s only three years, rather than twenty, because he signed an agreement with the court before they received his records from Phoenix.

            the video would suggest the situation was not as dire as Zimmerman has said

            You mean a video taking after the event rather than during? This is why your continued assertions make you sound like a fool. Grow up.

            following Martin

            He was watching. How does this give Martin any right to attack? It doesn’t (in case you had any other answer.) Even if, in your mind, he confronted Martin.

          2. Chris, you seem to imply that a person is slowly beaten to death, making decisions all along the way until they realize their health is down to 2 and they’re out of stim packs.

            Fights aren’t like that. Zimmerman got decked and was down on his back with an assailant on top of him. This is confirmed by the witnesses. By Zimmerman’s account he did not initiate the fight (he had a gun, why would he get in a fist fight?) and Martin threatened to kill him. Zimmerman had lost control of the situation, was on his back, and was failing to regain control.

            Zimmerman had a gun in a holster well inside Martin’s reach, and again, Zimmerman was not in control of the situation, which means he would probably die about 2 seconds after Martin decided to grab his gun. In such a combat situation, it doesn’t matter if the gun is in Zimmerman’s holster or in Martin’s pants. There’s a fight and both parties have one pistol within reach. The person who grabs it first and uses it wins. If one grabs it, doesn’t fire, and doesn’t instantly disengage from close combat he’ll likely have the gun stripped from his grasp and be shot with it. Zimmerman can’t disengage because he’s on the ground with Martin on top of him, so if he reaches it first he has to use it or he stands a good chance of being murdered, his fate hinging on whether his assailant feels like shooting him, then fleeing and throwing the gun in a trash can.

            It doesn’t matter how much damage Zimmerman is taking, what matters is that he had lost control of the fight, was in an indefensible position, was under a continued assault, and there was a lethal weapon his opponent could easily seize and use to kill him, and the opponent had evinced an intent to do so. All the requirements for the use of lethal force were met.

          3. Yea, fights aren’t like in the movies. There are people that end up in the hospital all the time with brain damage or dead from a cerebral hemorrhage from a well placed blow with a closed fist. No doubt Zimmerman was rattle pretty good if his head slammed back on concrete and then had his nose beaten. Any number of blows could have been the next on to knock him out for good. Then, how would he protect himself?

            Zimmerman came away with few injuries BECAUSE he had a gun to protect himself with. Just to be clear, this is what you look like when you DON’T have a gun to protect yourself from a beating.

          4. Ken,
            I don’t know how obvious my never having a head injury might be to you, but the fact is, you are wrong. I have had such an injury, which is why I know they can be quite bloody. Zimmerman was following Martin in the sense that he got out of his car (against the very good advice of the dispatcher) and kept walking in a direction that would allow him to maintain visual contact with Martin. I think the statement he made to the dispatcher about not wanting him to get away suggests more than a passing interest in Martin’s (again, he wasn’t doing anything wrong at that moment) travels. By trying to play cop, Zimmerman started the confrontation. Zimmerman put himself in that situation, Martin was just on his way home.

          5. Ok Chris, I’ll play devils advocate. I’m a kid wearing a hoody visiting relatives on a rainy night and my cell phone works. I see a suspicious guy watching me. At first I try to get away. He keeps following me.

            Do I…

            a) Call the police on my working cell phone to tell them a creep is following me.
            b) Sneak up behind him and hit him from behind to the point where the creep feels his life is threatened.

            [jeopardy clock —]

            Now you seem to have confirmed that you’ve never had to fight for your life. I’m happy to hear that.

            the video would suggest the situation was not as dire as Zimmerman has said

            No it doesn’t. Had you ever had to fight for your life you might realize that afterward things can return to normal rather quickly. This doesn’t make your life any less threatened at the time.

            As far as my head wound (drove off a mountain, not going into details here) it bled like an SOB but the funny thing is, sitting there with a broken windshield, my van hanging between a tree and wire fence, all the blood ended up mostly on my pants. My shirt was almost spotless and my face was covered in blood. The quality of the video is nowhere near good enough to jump to the conclusions you seem to want.

      2. Chris, I know this is an almost impossible physical feat for anyone but Superman but he could have put the jacket on AFTER the shooting and before the Police arrived.

        1. I want to add too on the broken nose that my partner in Shorin-Ryu had a broke nose for one week before he realized it was broken. He never put anything on it.

  11. Since Gerrib likes list

    1) I think the video is damn near useless to a prosecutor. At best, it shows that Zimmerman wasn’t on the cusp of near death when he used self-defense. Except, that’s not a requirement for the use of self-defense. More likely, it shows the police were reasonable in not taking Zimmerman to a hospital before questioning him.

    2) The presence or lack of blood or bandages 30 minutes later does nothing to refute the testimony of officers on the scene. Unless someone can find somebody at SFD Rescue 38 that will say “we never treated Zimmerman”, I don’t give a damn what Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, ABC, NBC, or Mother Jones has to say about the lack of blood in videos. In fact, the notion that such media organizations would think the video was significant despite the reports and witnesses on the scene makes me question their intelligence or motivation.

    3) I don’t think Zimmerman has an adequate claim for self-defense. That’s not the same as suggesting sufficient evidence exists to prosecute him for homicide. From what I’ve read, I’d think a trial for negligent homicide would be interesting and probably good for all sides. Which is to say if found guilty, I could understand. If found innocent, Zimmerman could feel vindicated and by law exonerated for his actions. Still, prosecutors* are usually keen to make sure they’ll gain a conviction before rushing things to court.

    *Not sure what to say about the Federal AG, he didn’t do so well in Michigan. And speaking of which, I say again there is nothing in this incident worthy of a federal investigation into hate crimes. That’s a shameful political stunt equal to the law under which it is being done.

    1. It might shock you but I and I believe Chris, based on a separate conversation we’ve had, will concur with point 3.

      I’ll go further, this was not any form of homicide. I’m pretty sure the conditions for negligence were lacking too. It almost certainly was, IMO, manslaughter with the crux of the defense resting on if he actually did have a valid defense under the Florida Stand Your Ground law.

      Sadly, his chance of a sane day in court, and justice, if applicable for Martin are history now… the police dropped the ball. They should have brought charges, and let the courts decide.

      1. I’m not shocked that you or Chris would agree about point 3. I’m shocked that Chris would put so much of his own credibility in a desire to believe that some video shows no blood and therefore is meaningful evidence. The only meaning it would have is to suggest the police lied on their report. Let’s suppose the police did lie, which is more damning: a video or the paramedics coming out saying, “we didn’t treat Zimmerman like the report says.”? Or are the paramedics in on the lie too?

        As for the notion that someone you believe is a criminal not facing a court. I’ve been there. A friend of mine is bound to a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. Much of his brain is damaged. His wife lost her job because she has to take care of him, and their daughter is having to deal with having a father that no longer knows her. Why? Because some city dump truck driver ran a red light and plowed into his car. Further, the impact was so great that both vehicles pushed over to a curb where workers were paving a sidewalk, and another person was killed. Despite police records stating that the dump truck driver was speeding and failed to stop at a red light, the DA desided not to press charges. On top of it, since the driver worked for the city, he was indemnified, so the most the both families could sue was $1.5 million shared of taxpayers money. The family of the dead guy got over a million. The family having to take care of a middled aged man with severe brain damage in a wheel chair got $300,000. Family insurance covered some of the initial medical costs, but otherwise the insurance company felt with good reason that the cause of the condition was not covered by them. The dump truck driver lost his job, but never spent a minute in jail and didn’t have to pay more than the cost of his tickets issued by the sheriff deputy. And yeah, that sheriff deputy gave an affidavit that the driver should be tried for manslaughter. Not one politician said a word beyond “no comment”.

  12. Ugh, I’m getting so sick of this story….. Everyone is taking one plausible fact and running with it and it’s just getting ridiculous.

    Was Zimmerman being too gung-ho about his community watch duties? Absolutely. Is he now getting to learn first hand what happens when you use a firearm to protect yourself? Yes, and he’ll have to deal with the consequences of his actions. Should Trayvon have probably thought twice before laying his hands on someone whether they had a gun? Particularly in a stand your ground state? Uh, I think it would have been prudent. Was it smart of him, as he’s curb stomping someone, to scream, “I’m gonna kill you!!!!”? Noooooo……

    As they say with any catastrophic event that it is often not just one single failure point that lead to the catastrophe but rather a culmination of smaller probabilities that ultimately coinciding in just the right manner that lead to the tragedy. It’s a shame that Travvon is dead. Just as it was a shame for Nicole Simpson to be beheaded by O.J. and get away with it. But even if Zimmerman gets off on the criminal charges his parents have the right to sue for wrongful death in civil court. Anytime you pull a trigger to protect yourself with a firearm you can expect to drop about $100,000 in legal fees and lawsuits. Zimmerman will certainly have to answer for the consequences of his actions and in that process I’m certain we will all get our fill of the facts as they become apparent.

    1. He will have Civil Immunity in Florida Josh, assuming he is telling something close to the truth and is not sucessfully criminally prosecuted.

      1. Oh really? That’s interesting, I never really looked too much into the Florida gun laws. But that would make sense if you were wanting to give people reasonable assurances that a firearm was going to be a practical means of protecting yourself.

  13. So when is the white black President going to apologize to the white Hispanic he helped drive into hiding?

    After reading all this back and forth, I’ve come to the conclusion that forming opinions without all of the facts is pretty stupid…..Chris. Ask all the questions you want. Wait until they’re answered before sticking your foot in your mouth.

    1. He was already in hiding before the PRESIDENT of the United States was asked to comment. Amazing powers this man has!

      1. I think the issues of what Zimmerman may (or may not) be guilty of and whether the reactions by certain groups to this situation are appropriate are two separate issues. I think the POTUS should have the moral courage to let people like Spike Lee and the New Black Panthers know that mob lynchings are not the way we are supposed to do things in the USA. I think the President should be less concerned with pandering to a constituency and more concerned with maintaining civil order. In short, I think the President should actually do his job.

  14. “[The] police report also lists five witnesses…”
    Curious, early reporting by the “news” was no witnesses.

  15. The local paper has a still from the police video that seems to show Zimmerman with no nose bandage. They of course didn’t publish any of the pictures that might indicate a bandage.

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