5 thoughts on “What Other Good Things?”

  1. Once the government fixes the health care problem, it needs to address the car care problem. Every year, untold numbers of uninsured and underinsured drivers suffer accidents which they cannot afford. These drivers then discover the shocking truth about American car care — to increase their profits, insurance companies refuse to write policies that cover pre-existing conditions! With nowhere else to turn, these drivers must dig into their own personal savings or join the growing ranks of the carless.

    You see them everywhere, especially in large urban areas like New York City. The carless are frequent victims of discrimination. Many employers refuse to hire the carless; some even say so in Help Wanted ads. Shockingly, this form of discrimination is completely legal in most states.

    The social costs are very high. A disproportionate number of people sent to prison every year come from the carless population. Many of unfortunate individuals have suffered so greatly from carlessness that they’ve actually had to resort to stealing cars. These people become a burden on society. It’s cheaper to buy auto insurance than to send people to prison, but our current system makes that impossible. Please, stop the madness!

  2. A handgun. 300 rounds of ammunition per week. A concealed carry license. CPR training. First aid training. Lifeguard training. A pool. Mercury-free lightbulbs. Sweet potatoes by the ton. A defensive driving course – as warm up for: (1) Land Rover’s offroading course and (2) stunt driver school. Mandatory volunteerism clearing streets, pruning, and maintaining the government’s properties.

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