7 thoughts on “Look Who’s Missing”

  1. Musk is not listed as a bundler going back to the second quarter of last year. He is, however, a big Obama and Democratic candidate contributor, so the conflict of interest would seem to apply.

  2. He has also held fundraisers for Dana Rorabacher. It’s stupid to say that making a campaign contribution gives you a “conflict of interest.” You seem understand the meaning of that phrase as poorly as you do the word “subsidy.”

  3. It’s interesting how Jon Corzine (of MG Global infamy) is on that list. That might explain the lack of prosecution for bilking his clients out of more than a billion dollars.

    As for people and corporations giving money to politicians, many play both sides. It’s only smart business. Where else but buying politicians can you get such a massive a return on investment and still be legal? Of course it’s legal, the politicians wrote the laws to make it legal! They even gave it a fancy sounding name like “campaign contributions” because “bribery” didn’t play so well with the focus groups.

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