Romney Donors

“…are coming out of the woodwork.”

I’m not surprised. The conventional wisdom is that the president is going to have a huge war chest, but he’s having trouble raising funds, and I think it’s likely that the Republicans will outspend the Dems this cycle. As a commenter over there notes, business is sitting on trillions of cash, waiting for a president and Congress that won’t make non-stop war on it. There will be an economic boom next year if the election goes the right way.

5 thoughts on “Romney Donors”

  1. Also keep in mind that organized labor is spending massively on the Wisconsin recall. Money that won’t be available for November.

  2. I keep seeing conflicting stories about how much money Obama is raising. Could he really be having a hard time if he blew $40m last month? Keep in mind he raised something like $48m.

    IMO (without doing an in-depth research which is why its IMO), Obama isn’t having any money problems but he wants the public to think that he is so that he can further his class warfare argument against Romney.

    Sort of like the last election when the media portrayed Obama as running a clean campaign despite spending more money on attack ads than any other presidential candidate in history.

  3. Sadly i think we will have a squeaker of an election, and four more years of Barry. However the Congress is already lost. So it will be a lame duck Barry for four more years. Fitting.

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