5 thoughts on “Moore’s Law”

  1. AMD has been able to create products and have Intel follow. It will be a sad day when Intel finally crushes them. So far all the predictions have been premature.

  2. I’m always a level or two behind the latest and greatest processor du jour.

    Most of what I do is e-mail, blogging and research via the internet. So I rarely if ever need speedy laptop or desktop. If my old laptop hadn’t finally died, I’d still be using a slow box, running Windows 2K!

    What I find interesting, via Mrs. Der Schtumpy who is a tech for the state gub’ment here, is that many of her clients never remove their laptops from the docking station, they use it mostly for e-mail, and they still want the fastest box on their floor.

    I don’t get it.

    1. What I don’t get is government contracts for office supplies. In my day working as a contractor in a govt. office we could only buy $10k computers off that contract that we could have bought down the street for less than $2k (and would be door stops today.)

      One day I had to purchase five computers and I just couldn’t get over the $40k waste of tax money. That’s just one purchase for a corner of cubicles in a four story building full of those computers.

  3. After they’ve exhausted the third dimension, the only way ahead will be to have transistors distributed through time…

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