10 thoughts on “Your Daily Dose Of Adorable”

  1. Since I don’t register or login to most sites (including facebook) I guess I’ll have to enroll at Harvard as a discriminated minority.

  2. It’s very cute but……

    …I’m not sure we know that the kitten was having a nightmare. For all we know the dream was about batting around a liberal mouse…

      1. …isn’t that the name of the new All Cat, indy, ‘Star Trek’, short feature?

  3. So cute. Cats worked their way into our lives by being beautiful and having extremely cute offspring.
    We’re catless for the first time in over 19 years. Our 19 + year old chocolate Burmese, Schroedinger had to be taken to the vet for last time last Tuesday. His brother, Heisenberg , a red Burmese, left us the same way nearly 7 years ago. We miss them both.

    1. So sorry for your loss. We just lost one also.

      On the other hand, LOVE the names you gave them!

    2. Mike,
      sorry for your loss. It’s just amazing how they get into our hearts isn’t it? And how big a hole they leave is almost unfathomable.

      And those might be THE best cat names ever.

      We’re not cat folks, we ‘do’ dogs. Had to take our old dog to the vet like that after 14 years, we’d been warned he was sick, but that was still a very bad night. That was 11 or 12 years ago, and it literally took us years to get over it and try again.

      Mrs. DS started saying about 18 months ago she wanted another dog. (we we’re babysitting a friends dog, and when Strider went home, she CRIED!) So I got her a miniature Schnauzer through a friend of Mrs DS.

      He wormed his way right into our lives as if he’d always been here. He was spoiled when he got here, and somehow my wife made it worse!

      Rusty won’t ever ‘replace’ Grunt Dog, but he’s certainly made his own place in the family. And he’s warned us about someone prowling around my shop at 4AM, twice, AND he protects the goats! Or at least he thinks he does when he chases birds away from their pen.

  4. Thanks guys. This will take us a while to get over. I find myself closing doors or leaving them open and then realize it no longer matters.
    Their names were the last remaining evidence of my university physics course in quantum mechanics.

  5. Makes me sad that our cat didn’t have that. He showed up as a tiny kitten, half dead, on our driveway one night. But he’s had a good life since then. 15 years so far…

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