No Longer Feeling Sorry

…for Dick Lugar. Yes, it’s far beyond that point:

Lugar still refuses to say he will support Mourdock, still seeks to have non-Republicans decide the Republican primary, and feeds the left-wing narrative that the Tea Party just shouts.

Lugar is insulting and arrogant.

Yes, one gets that way after decades in Washington. Next up (I hope): Orrin “I want to punch libertarians in the mouth” Hatch. The feeling is mutual at this point.

[Update Monday morning]

“It’s not bipartisanship that we need, it is principle.”

8 thoughts on “No Longer Feeling Sorry”

  1. I’m not going to vote for him. I really think there should be some kind of term limits for Senators and Representatives. It seems you can’t live in Washington for thirty years and not lose touch with the people back home.

  2. Lugar was a youngster when he won the Senate in 1977. I lived in Indiana back then, and after assessing some of his positions, decided at the time that he was no better than any generic Democrat would have been. To Republicans who still think he is of value to the party in the Senate, all I can say is: You don’t know Dick.

  3. And if he does lose, that’ll be the last time Lugar will ever be seen in Indiana.

    (Nothing new there. Most lifer Congresscritters do it. When Dem House Whip Brademas lost in 1980, he never bothered to return to his old district, in which I lived at the time.)

      1. Um, I thought that Richard Lugar was a walnut tree grower and had quite the spread in Southern Indiana?

  4. It’s sad, actually. He ran for the GOP nomination in 1996 on the platform of abolishing the income tax — possibly the most serious politician in the modern era to do so. He also genuinely understands foreign policy and complicated defense issues like nuclear proliferation. But he has been captured by the Combine.

  5. Defend and protect the constitution and its spirit.

    I don’t feel sorry for any of them that fail to do that. These are supposed to be adults. Enough adults in congress and Obama, Holder, et. al. wouldn’t be much of a problem.

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