Why Is Bill Ayers Speaking At GreenFestival?

Birds of a feather:

So why does the speaker lineup at today’s event, heavily marketed as family-friendly and all about the food, include Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, his FBI-most-wanted-list wife Bernardine Dohrn, Van Jones, Jesse Jackson Sr., Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, and active Occupier Kyla Bourne whose academic interests revolve around “radical democracy and urban social movements?”

The green movement isn’t just a subset of the progressive philosophy. Rather, it’s the religion that’s taken over the left and whose underlying principles are such that Weather Underground terrorists and Occupy activists fit right in at their family-friend[ly] festivals.

While I’m sure that many attendees think they’re wonderful people, they haven’t all thought through the ultimate consequences of their proposals, in terms of humanity and liberty, or what kind of people it allies them with.

3 thoughts on “Why Is Bill Ayers Speaking At GreenFestival?”

  1. Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Van Jones, Jesse Jackson Sr., Amy Goodman, and Kyla Bourne.

    Would YOU eat anything at that gathering?! If it doesn’t burn goin’ in, it’ll burn goin’ out! And probably be heavy on ‘shroom, pods and buds in between, and not the family friendly kind either I’ll bet.

    “Food, Communism and violent Anarchism, a Day of Fun for the Whole Blended Family!”

    And people still make fun of Woodstock, HAH! There are days where I feel like I’ve lived too long, here’s another one, and on Monday no less.

  2. So why are those two terrorists still free? Statute of limitations for attempted murder?

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