Angela Corey

It’s time (long past time) for her to step down, and let someone else handle the Zimmerman case (which it would be appropriate at this point to simply drop, since there is no basis for it — given the state of the evidence that she’s presented, she doesn’t have a prayer of getting a conviction).

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  1. Given what’s come out so far, seems close to impossible to convict. We’ll never know what actually happened, but the evidence does seem consistent enough with self-defense to make it unwinnable. Of course, the state attorney’s office knew that all along–this is pure politics at this point.

  2. I still say there’s one other plausible explanation for the amazingly whole-hearted smile she had when she announced murder 2:

    Zimmerman must have expressed ‘guilt’ and ‘remorse’ in the not-required-to-be-released police interviews.

    (Or, if he actually did it, he might have flat-out-confessed. But I don’t see that.)

    I could see a whole laundry list of things a person who had just committed a killing in self-defense could truthfully say that would be -extremely- inflammatory or convincing-of-guilt.

    Image despondency, rambling, and personal second-guessing as the tone and setting:
    “I killed him.”
    “He didn’t have to die.”
    “Why did I shoot? Why!?”
    “He didn’t deserve to die.”


    Combined with other, perhaps painfully misinterpretable descriptions of his actions.
    “After I got out, I made sure to strap on my holster.” (See! Premeditation even!)

  3. There’s an update, and it only gets worse. As I wrote in the post about the Executive Branch’s failure with SCOTUS; it’s not so much a left/right issue as it is a problem with statist in love with government power. Corey needs to go, and it has little to do with the specifics of the Zimmerman case. She’s apparently bad on many other issues as well.

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