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  1. Why would Lies-like-a-Dog Warren stop saying she’s ‘part’ Cherokee Indian, when their jug eared leader has made a career of being African-American!

    No, at best he’s only HALF African, regardless of the country after the ubiquitous hyphen. If he combed his hair differently and his mother had named him Barry Dunham, he could as easily been a ‘white’ kid.

    (don’t tell me it isn’t done, can’t be done, I’ve got a grandson that is Obumble, but he’s just 14, and he ‘identifies’ with his caucasian side)

    I’ve never understood the PCascists always identifying with and crowing about connections to stuff they DARE non-liberals to notice.


    Sexual Orientation.

    Being a Female and NOT a Male.

    Physical Ailment or Infirmity.

    If I say, “…and there’s just no way I could vote for a any liberals, and contrary to her accusations, it has nothing to do with my opponent being a lesbian, little person with a club foot!’. If I said anything like that, then according to ‘them’, I should be shot, hung, drawn and quartered.

    But if THEY say, “…without a doubt, this district cannot have another white, male as our elected ???. What we need is someone who understands the needs of the voters, what we need is a, lesbian, little person with a club foot…”, it’s not just a statement of facts, it’s all points of pride and ‘inclusion’ in those ‘clubs’.

    As I’ve previously stated, I HATE a dual standard!

  2. Wake up. Civility is not the issue. This is a one sided war and the other side needs to act. Look at what is happening, over a over. You say something they don’t like and your life or livelihood is threatened. Not just threatened, they act on those threat and get judges to rule in their favor on their threats.

    This is war and should be treated as such. We win, they lose. Their ability to make war needs to be destroyed. Unconditionally.

    Or we can just watch as they pick off decent people one at a time.

    Breitbart called republicans eunuchs for not coming to Sarah Palin’s defense. He was absolutely right and that goes for any others we don’t protect. One thing the left knows how to do is circle the wagons and protect their own. The right have too many principles to do that. Well, we’d better figure out if those principles include preserving liberty.

    This is war and the left will use any means. The threat will exist until we destroy it. This doesn’t mean the right is right, but the left is definitely wrong.

    1. One thing the left knows how to do is circle the wagons and protect their own.

      Yeah, just ask Shirley Sherrod.

      The right have too many principles to do that.

      That must be why David Vitter is still in the Senate.

      1. Good Jim, out of all the cases of Leftist attack, attack, attack, you found two instances to refute the statements above you.

        I think the word I’m looking for is ‘shill’.

        You can’t honestly think the folks on the Right and Left play on the same field. I’ll give you just one recent instance that shows the Left refuses to show all sides and let the people decide. George Zimmerman & Trayvon Martin are certainly names you should recognize. Why couldn’t the MSM just put the facts out there, and let the people decide?

        Hell, the media invented a new term to make Zimmerman NOT appear to be a person with any minority status. Until this story was a month old, and the MSM decided they had to get involved, no one on Earth had ever been called WHITE-Hispanic!

        And truly if George Zimmerman is a WHITE-Hispanic because of his family tree, then The One is a White African-American!

        And as I recall, Sherrod got an apology and the offer of her job back.

        But she decided there was MUCH more money to be made being a professional victim and traveling around speaking on the professional victims speaker circuit.

        And using Vitter as an example of the ‘Right’ is laughable at best. Who will you trot out next, Arlen the Spectre!? Here’s the problem Jim, people on the Left really think people on the Right, are as stupid as those who blindly follow leaders on the Left!

        Here’s a hint, it’s not so!

  3. If you watch the videos where Anne Sorock tries to talk to Warren, you see some of the Black Bloc tactics. They try to physically impeed her and create noise to prevent her from getting good audio. This was organized right out of the comments section of the orgiginal Daily Kos diary.

    Read the other tactics they discussed and then read the related diaries, you can see them implementing all of them. The only one that can’t be seen is them trying to destroy her career and that is because those actions are not taking place on Daily Kos.

    Some of this stuff seems relativly harmless until it is looked at in its totality and not as isolated incedents. And then you have to take into account that the Daily Kos commentators themselves refer to this as Black Bloc. Anyone who has been following militant leftist protest groups should know about the Black Bloc, especially after their role organizing, funding, and supporting OWS. Black Bloc members are at the highest ranks of OWS groups all over the country.

    1. “Black Bloc”– do they wear distinctive black shirts? I always figured the real purpose of the Occuposers was figure out and make contact with those who could be used in such “association”. (In the bad ol’ days, industrial unions could be counted on to provide the needed level of thuggery, but I guess the SEIU hasn’t provided enough “purple people beaters” for the Left’s projected needs for thugs this election.)

      As for Jim, that’s the best he can some up with?

      I love it when the emotional Left tries their hand at argumentation with facts. They’re so bad at it. First, “anecdote” is not the singular of “data”. Next, when it comes to people’s behavior, look hard enough and far enough, and include the occasional misrepresentation, lie and non-sequitur, and anyone can find a counter-example of anything. But I guess when someone really thinks that a pseudo-Cherokee great-great-great-grandparent makes a “minority” and deserving of special treatment, he’s already demonstrated a lack of understanding of statistics and simple reasoning.

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