19 thoughts on “Playmates In Space”

    1. I don’t think those boots go at all well with the rest of her outfit. They make her look likes she’s going to be walking through stalls to see space ponies. Still, it’s probably better than the bright white disco-era boots our astronauts wear.

      When is someone going to come up with sensible, conservative, lace-up astronaut boots in brown or black?

      1. They look like they’re simple overshoes that will be removed before entering the spacecraft to avoid tracking in debris. They could’ve bought them at Wal Mart from the looks of it, and if they meet the need, why not?

        1. I’ll bet you’re right.

          I wonder if Chinese female astronauts have tiny little feet? Feet aren’t much use in space, and binding them in young potential astronauts would save a little weight.

          Earlier I’d read some of the strange requirements for their female astronaut candidates. They must have perfect teeth (because the slightest imperfection could cause a disaster in space), no body odor, and must already be mothers.

          1. I thought the “already a mother” thing was about radiation concerns. The pretty mouth requirement should be…self-explanatory.

  1. Future space wives and girlfriends: “Does this biosuit make my butt look big?”

    The correct answer, which of course must never be stated, is “No, your big butt makes your butt look big.”

    Stating that truth could get you flushed out an airlock.

      1. What is it with selective memory? My ex-wife says she never remembers us arguing. I never remember us not arguing. I once tried to discuss an auto purchase with her. When that didn’t happen I just went out and bought it (2yo Toyota Avalon w/the works. I loved that car.) We fought after I bought it. About the only time we didn’t fight was when I later gave it to her. A decade later and she’s still driving it.

        I don’t think vacuum would keep her from winning an argument.

    1. Fun Fact — The only still picture of Niel Armstrong on the moon is his reflection in Buzz Aldrin’s visor in an iconic picture of Aldrin.

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