19 thoughts on “Obama’s Fund-Raising Woes”

  1. “THERE’S ONE VERY OBVIOUS reason that Democratic super PAC fund-raising is lagging, and it can be gleaned from a cursory glance at the Forbes 400. “We’re not as rich as they are. It’s that simple,” says John Morgan”

    cough cough bs cough

    Glad the author didn’t fall for it but many people still think Wall Street gave more money to McCain than Obama or that big pharma was against Obamacare.

        1. You beat me to the punch on this stat.

          Dems likewise talk about rich Republicans, but when you go look at money in Congress 3 of the top richest Senators were (R), and just 7 of the top 20 were (R). As you work it up, it starts to level off number wise, not monetarily though, the RICHEST guys in the Senate ARE the Dems.

          I didn’t do the House, I gave up.

    1. Is there something wrong with “doing well by doing good”? Of course, the Progressive Left does seem to concentrate their efforts on the “doing well” part.

  2. Could be the Democrats already have acquired the stench of failure and no one wants to support a looser?

    Could it also be that the democrats with a brain realize what a monumental failure Obummer has been and can’t rationalize supporting him?

  3. One of their 2008 donors should just confront Obama’s fund-raising request with a Kirk quote from Star Trek 5. “What does God need with a starship?”


  4. “By and large, wealthy liberals are not zealous.” Thank God I wasn’t eating or drinking anything when I read that, or most of the rest of the article, for that matter.
    And is there anything certain people won’t blame on Citizens United?

  5. Now the Obama event registry is asking people to donate to his campaign instead of getting gifts for weddings and such!

    Why stop there? Instead of spending two months salary (my ass!) on an engagement ring, give her cubic zirconium and send the money to Obambi! Even if you don’t have a job (there’s a lot of that going around), you could pony up some of your unemployment benefits. Michelle needs a new pair of shoes!

  6. Ahh, poor democrats. Are they required to accept any donation, however small? Like one peso? A Somalian shilling? A Vietnamese dong? Donating dongs to democrats has a nice ring to it. Imagine the joy a donor would feel knowing a simple $1 US donation would generate 29,000 separate money transfers of one dong apiece to the democratic party.

  7. “Morgan and Morgan, for the people!”

    You can’t go anywhere in FL and avoid the billboards and radio/tv adds. In Brevard Co. his large billboard is what you see when you leave the Emergency room exit at Wuesthoff hospital.

    I should add that Morgan and Morgan now includes Charlie Crist.

  8. The comments section to that article is hysterical.
    “Why can’t obama make up the difference with small donors?”
    Gee, dude- because most of his 2008 small donors are unemployed or broke now?

    1. Gee, dude- because most of his 2008 small donors are unemployed or broke now?

      Or maybe because they never were small donors in the first place and aren’t going to throw good money after bad in this election.

    2. Plus, matching his 2008 take with small donors would require getting as many such donors as people who voted for him last time. If he could do that, he wouldn’t need donors.

  9. “…as he waited on the tarmac for a flight to the French Open. ‘We don’t have billionaires who are willing to spend ungodly sums of money,’ ”
    You’ve got to admire a guy who cries ‘poverty’ as he flies to Europe for a sports event.
    And isn’t this the same DNC / Obama / Leftist crowd who swore they’d spend a $Billion to keep The One in the WH?


  10. My “bullish*t overload alarm” went off before I was halfway through the first page. This line is especially hilarious:

    “Meanwhile, many of the Wall Street types who supported Obama last election have switched sides in a well-documented fit of pique.”

    Gee, guys, what do you suppose could have caused that fit of pique? I mean, apart from being demonized nonstop for the last 4years? There are adverse consequences to biting the hand that feeds you. Who knew?

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