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    1. And how does being a mechanical engineer give Bill Nye the background to make pronouncements about something that atmospheric physicists cannot agree on? Just another TV personality shooting off his mouth.

  1. Not to direct any further traffic there, but Phil Idiot Plait is at it too.

    I’ll note that it’s difficult to pin this down to global warming, but here goes anyway as the planet does warm, different weather patterns will make some places wetter, others drier. One commonly predicted outcome is more and bigger fires

      1. It’s funny how inconsistent they are. When weather is unseasonably cold or Al Gore goes somewhere and gets met with a blizzard, they whine, “Climate is not weather!” But when things are hotter than normal, they proclaim, “See, it’s proof of climate change! (or global warming).”

        From Colorado Springs, yes, it’s hot outside. This was an abnormally warm and dry winter and spring, the worst I can recall in over 25 years. It happens. So years, we have snow in June. It happens and proves nothing other than the fact that weather is changes very quickly.

        1. Also in the Springs, and yes it is very warm outside. Back home in Massachusetts, we call it “summer”.

        2. It’s been hotter this year, but it was dryer during the hayman fire year. I distinctly remember seeing those forest service signs showing the fire danger as “extreme”. This year most of them show “very high”.

        3. Except that now they say that more snow means climate change. It is no coincidence that more wintery winters became a part of AGW after people pointed out that according to AGW advocates we were supposed to have less snow. No problem! Just decree that more or less or average snow is now caused by AGW to take that argument away from their opponents.

          Alarmists literally use every type of weather as “evidence” of AGW. They can’t deal with the reality that they don’t know everything. What they do is feed on the basest of human fears, the fear of the future and the fear of the uncertainties of weather. Humans have been grappling with these fears since long before we were humans.

      2. The other great thing about being a GW alarmist is that ANY variation from some perceived “norm” can be attributed to global warming: wetter, hotter, drier, colder…doesn’t matter.

    1. I used to have a lot of respect for both Nye and Plait. Sad to see intelligent folks blinded by ideology.

  2. It’s earthquake weather, too. It was really hot this weekend — getting to be earthquake season.

  3. To flip it over, how much of the severe weather in the north east US is being driven by this huge fire?

  4. Speaking as someone in Colorado: groan. Of course, Nye says nothing about the cold, wet spring and summer than Europe is experiencing, or the bitterly cold winter that China went through, or the wretched winter much of South America went through last year. I would say it’s geographic chauvinism, except it’s really cherry-picking: if it’s unseasonably hot somewhere, it’s climate change, and all the other weather anywhere doesn’t matter.

  5. Hey guys, did you know that when the climate changes it makes it hot in some places, cold in others, it rains more over here, and less over there. And then guess what? It all changes again! Where it was cold its hot and where it’s wet it suddenly becomes dry. We gotta put a stop to this! If you donate to my carbon credit business we’re surely to help make the climate a nice static system. With just $15 per donation you can help buy me a 12-pack of beer. Of which, I will promptly sequester all the nasty environment destroying carbon dioxide lock inside each bottle of beer right into my belly. Join me in the pledge to help save the planet one beer at a time.

    1. Can’t fool me, Josh. I know for fact you’ll be releasing that CO2, one way or another.

      1. But it’s the intentions that count. I’m just trying to do my part to save the planet because it makes me feel good inside. I feel REAL good inside after about 8 beers into a 12 pack. Yippee for climate change!

  6. It must be climate change. It can’t be because the State of Colorado decided to remove fire fighting roads in forests in order to allow more trees and natural beauty. Naw, it must be global climate…

    1. More beauty? More likely to cut costs maintaining those roads. Now someone had to fight the fire I wonder if anyone did the math to see which was cheaper.

  7. Real science guys use knowledge and logical reasoning. You are embarrassing yourself – maybe he should change his monicker to Bill Nye the Political Guy…

    1. I have not heard that climate change causes male pattern baldness or is the reason why the Giants won the SuperBowl, but maybe I missed it.

      1. Men are under increasing stress due to dealing with the effects of global warming, leading to accelerated hair loss.

  8. The only site (OK aside from a Jets football site) that I was ever banned from was “Bad Astronomer” ~10 years ago when I simply asked that Plait stick to science instead of weekly rants about Bush. He asserted his rights as site monitor. He’s a complete moonbat.

    Bill Nye is over the top on “climate change”.

  9. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder and it’s very contagious. When even Science has been hijacked into the all encompassing political spectrum we are lost. The Libertarian Revolution has just begun, join today and know YOU helped save America.

  10. The greens aren’t thinking far enough ahead. Think of all the funding they could get for the heat death of the universe?

    Air conditioning would be the first thing they outlaw… oh and refrigerators, can’t have them. Wait… any electric or mechanic device. They all produce heat.

    Just tell the greens this leads to total control of everything. That should sell it.

    My ex is an accountant regarding forest fires for the state of CA. Forest fires are about as common as a rainy day (more common even.)

  11. Back to basics: When winter brings freezing cold, that’s just weather, but when summer brings heat-waves, that’s Global Warming, and We’re Doomed.

  12. Everyone should already know that Bill Nye is just a big media stooge. Don’t expect any actual science from the ‘science’ guy.

  13. World leaders cannot even save Greece from collapse or stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons; do you believe that they can do anything about GLOBAL WARMING? Where is their resume of other sucesses? Are you willing to pay more taxes and give up more of your freedoms so that these nitwits can play with our lives? Sorry Bill, I love you long time, but you are a tool.

  14. I used to kind of like Bill Nye, but if he is going to turn into some idiot leftist propagandist I will have to reconsider. Dont these guys ever consider that it might not be a good idea that making political statements that they know nothing about, and have nothing to do with their show, might be turning off a lot of their viewers. Or are they so busy drinking the kool aid with their fellow leftists that they never stop to think that not everybody will agree with leftie viewpoints like this.

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