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  1. This means Katie will be dumping a bunch of used e-meters on eBay. Anybody want a $200 analog ohmmeter?

  2. I had just been thinking about this today–the Scientologists are in for a rude awakening if they think they can control the public perception on this one–or control it in any form. Katie Holmes is too big of a star in her own right, and still very young looking. She will fall into the “Photogenic White Girl in Distress” category, and the part of the public that reads “People” magazine isn’t going to be too impressed with whatever the Church thinks it has–a.) because of the penumbra of Scientology that is going to be surrounding said “disclosure” (cross-examination being a bee-atch), and b.) because if Holmes’ stuff is proper evidence, so is Cruise’s (discovery being a bee-atch too). Which means the Church’s beliefs can be a part of the custody hearing, if they choose the “Holmes is unfit” route. Or just contest it.

    It will go over doubly-poorly if Scientologists try to do intimidation tactics, esp. with the public. A lot of the past stories of Scientology heavy-handedness would start coming out and I predict Americans would overwhelmingly side with Holmes, and any chance Cruise has of not slipping over into “Charlie Sheen damaged goods” territory would diminish.

    It’s not that I overly care, because I don’t, but this could a major major “for all time” defeat for the Scientologists if they get overly involved, since a lot of Americans are probably going to think them freaks, in decisive enough numbers to make public reputation recovery possibly not possible. As I said, I really don’t care overly much personally, but my advice would be to have the Church tell Tom to wish Katie the best and ask for visitation rights. Sometimes you just lose. Disaster results when you don’t realize early enough that you’ve lost already.

    Because Americans are just not going to support six-year olds being permanently separated from Mommy and sent to go work or go to boarding school or go to whatever it is for what they are going to see as a cult. And they’ll be fairly vicious in their opposition too. Guaranteed.

    Like calls for Congressional action guarantee. So, fair warning if there is an odd Scientologist reading this. You can’t win, even if you do.

    1. I mean, Lattanzi is talking about a “ten or twenty” people. Riiiight. The guys at the Alamo at least had over a hundred….

      Occasionally getting their way in LA courts is one thing, because most of the time it drops under the radar. Thinking they could do the same in this case is beyond ludicrous. Fools.

    2. The best thing Scientology could do in this case is wish Katie well and desperately try to appear completely innocent and normal, so she seems paranoid (at worrying the freaks will kidnap Suri and ship her to a Sea Org slave camp under a billion year contract.)

      For years Katie and Suri have glossed the covers of just about every check-out line gossip rag, with worries about what Scientology might be doing to them. Now that she’s bolted, all those people buying groceries will be on her side.

    1. There’s not enough GDP, from all the countries of the world to make me care about this kind of stuff. For the life of me I’ve never been able to understand the whole Hollywood fan thing. Yes there are actors, actresses I like or dislike, but I don’t care about their personal lives, loves or such.

      I’ve got enough drama and happy horse droppings in my OWN life to keep me from caring about the stupid stuff RICH people do to each other. People, BTW, whom I don’t even know.

      The day SCOTUS sold us down the river via Obamacare, I asked my wife what the squawk was in her state gub’ment office about support or hate and discontent. No one was talking about the decision, except Mrs. Der Schtumpy, and her two Conservative work mates.

      She did tell me, the next evening, that damned little got done in that same office when this story hit the next afternoon. Most of the afternoon was taken up by rousing discussions about the who, what, when, where and why of the TomKat divorce.

      My tax dollars at work.

      1. I don’t know. I think I could genuinely care long enough about whatever this is to sign and cash the check.

    2. Oh, I don’t know. I may be cheap but I’m not free. If they were willing to pay me sufficiently large sums of money (say 8 figures before the decimal point with the first one being at least 3), I’d be willing to care. Or at least fake caring. Whatever. Make it 9 figures and I’ll cry all the way to the bank.

  3. Ok. Here’s the new master plan. We get Scientology in a turf war with Islam. All we have to do is get Mohammad to join Scientology and promise to wear that bomb turban.

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