8 thoughts on “How To Get The Message Across?”

    1. Carl is on fire. He’s right too. George Turner puts in a comment of his own.

      It really is stunning how people think medical professionals should just work for free. Politicians and movie stars can make millions, but not Doctors and Nurses.

    2. I disagree with him. While I think the first guy is lying too – it’s what people do on the Internet – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with ejecting a patient who can no longer pay, if that’s the situation. Hotels don’t let you stay just because you have nowhere else to go, and we’d consider it absurd if they did. While I’m sure there’s plenty of bleeding hearts out there that would blame a hotel for “throwing an old man out on the street” just because he couldn’t pay, more rational people would recognize that it’s a business and it’s simply absurd to think they should do otherwise. I’d rather be rational than “compassionate”.

      1. The rational thing to do would be to take up a collection from the bleeding hearts who are opposed to you throwing the old man out. Except that they’re not too forthcoming with donations, as a rule…

  1. Comment 36 by Retro is also bang on – too many voters aren’t smart enough to make good choices. To quote Forrest Gump’s Mama, “stupid is as stupid does”.

  2. I read that comment thread. Shorter = “if you had a bad experience in the US, you’re lying and/or an idiot. If you had a bad experience overseas, of course that’s the gospel truth.”

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