Why Barack Obama Is Scared As Hell Of Paul Ryan

Because as Iowahawk says, the president has to fear the math.

I wish that the debate was between Obama and Ryan, rather than Obama and Romney. Because Ryan versus Biden is going to be Godzilla on Bambi. Except Bambi didn’t have hairplugs.

[Sunday morning update]

Watch and tremble, Democrats. Lines around the block to see Romney-Ryan in North Carolina, while the donks are worried about filling their convention hall there.

It’s not 2008 any more. And considering what happened in Wisconsin earlier this year, I suspect it’s going to look a lot more like 2010.

[Afternoon update]

I don’t know about the “hope” part, but this is definitely change: “Only $51 to enter an Obama fundraiser in Chicago, but the room is only half full.”

I think they may run out of money before the election. It would seem fitting that his campaign’s finances are run pretty much the way they’ve been governing.

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  1. What do you want to bet that Obama dumps Biden for Hillary Clinton.

    Of course, he’d be running the risk of forced early retirement to Fort Marcy Park…

  2. It’ll be Godzilla vs. Bambi, but with a Gwen-Ifill-type delivering the questions. The likelihood of a “You’re not Kennedy” utterance will be roughly equal from either side.

    The likelihood of an “I promise you, the president has a big stick” is not exactly equal, but rather remote.

      1. Holy carp. That may be the shortest comment I’ve ever seen on this site – maybe Rand finally fixed the comment system! … oh, who am I kidding…

  3. And it’s not even math….more like arithmetic (yes I know that arithmetic is math).

    Anyways as far as Andrea Mitchell’s snuffling that the Ryan pick is bad for women…..that’s just the left whistling past the graveyard….trying to convince themselves and the weary proles of their world view.

  4. I think they may run out of money before the election.

    I think that if that happens the Clintons will make him an offer he can’t refuse. He’d be totally dependent on their support.

  5. They may indeed run out of money before the election. Obama has been outspending Romney by a lot in recent months, while Romney has been outraising him.

    More troubling for Obama is that they are eating their seed corn; their e-mail list (their largest fundraising tool) is getting way too much use for this early in the cycle; several whiney fundraising e-mails a week. That’s the norm for the final couple of weeks, not summer! They are going to see a dropoff in fundraising due to burnout and irritation of the people on their list.

    I enjoy hearing them whine about being outraised: Obama outspent McCain 5-1 in the final weeks of the 2008 race, and that was after Obama reneged on his public-financing promise. Karma, gotta love it.

  6. “I think they may run out of money before the election.”

    Naaaahhh, Soros will just send ’em a refill. >:-(

    1. Soros just married a hot blonde half his age. He might not survive long enough to write a big check in Oct. Even if he hasn’t been Anna Nicole Smithed to death by then, though, he still might balk. He’s never been much for throwing good money after bad to back obvious losers.

  7. Sun Tzu, in the Art of War says “When you are strong, appear to be weak.” I don’t believe that Obama wont have the financial resources as they are indicating. All that money that went to failed green companies didn’t “go down the drain” as some are prone to say. It went somewhere.

    1. None of them have read the book.

      Maybe secondhand quotes of Tzu.
      “In difficult ground, press on; On hemmed-in ground, use subterfuge; In death ground, fight.”

      They’ve certainly got -that- part down pat.

    2. Yes it did. And the lucky recipients will be saying, “Obama who?” when the begging calls come in. It’s always bowb your buddy day in the Mobile Infantry.

    3. The last time I saw the total numbers, Obama was ahead in fundraising and so were his PAC’s. Maybe the last month or two changed that but it isn’t like we will get the numbers out of the media.

  8. I just read the stupidest anti Ryan rant (that I will not link) that says he is unqualified because he’s on the government payroll and wants to shrink the government payroll.

    These geniuses are mind boggling.

    1. They certainly obsess over “qualifications”, don’t they? Now, what’s Biden’s (the corresponding VP candidate on the other ticket) qualifications again? And Ryan doesn’t seem any worse than Obama was in terms of qualifications (except being the wrong sex and/or ethnicity). I just don’t see the point of the argument.

      1. This fits our topic here.

        Obsess (a quality of mental deficiency) certainly applies. The want to redefine welfare to include anybody employed by the government.

        On second thought, there is a certain [twisted] sense to that. That would be the first place to cut welfare.

  9. Me wonders how much Ryan didn’t really want to put himself and his family in this limelight. But his attitude probably began to change after stewing over Obama demagoguing him at length in a speech before the nation — while he’s sitting in the audience. That’s what probably might have lit a fire under him to get more out in front of this, Obama situation, and nip it in the bud.

  10. Is that video supposed to show that Ryan understands math? His critique of the timing of Obamacare revenue and expenditures is completely wrong, as even a quick look at the CBO report’s tables reveals. He’s mastered the art of sounding like he knows what he’s talking about, but he hasn’t mastered reading a table of numbers.

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