13 thoughts on “Climate Bait”

  1. Andrew W gets flayed in comments at that WUWT post. Normally the sarcasm gets moderated out over there, but one Andrew30 got one through somehow. Great entertainment.

  2. Curt, my response to Smokey’s comment, linking to other peer reviewed studies supporting Mann’s “hockey stick”, hasn’t gotten through moderation, it should have by now. And, no one has refuted my points that most of Smokey’s links were unreferenced, and certainly weren’t from any scientific literature.

    1. “…hasn’t gotten through moderation…”

      Then, you probably added some snark which violated site policy. Unlike warmist sites like RealClimate and Tamino’s closed mind, Watts does not censor for content, as long as the tone remains civil.

      1. “…like RealClimate and Tamino…”

        Of course, they’re better than SSkeptical SScience, which will actually edit your input to conform to their theme that only morons oppose their viewpoint. In fairness, if you post a contrary view to that site in the hope of getting a fair hearing, you are a moron.

      2. They don’t censor for content, but they have a very limited sense of humor. I’ve had comments edited (and not posted) because the snark went over their head.

      1. Don’t have a copy, it was just a link to this wiki page:

        With a comment like: “Here’s a graph of papers supporting the basics of Mann “hockey stick” graph, they show the MWP, the LIA, and the basic “hockey stick” shape”.

        All my comments have been going through moderation since I proved Watts wrong on a couple of issues a few years ago, one was his claim that because a scientist was making the claim that the north pole could be ice free that particular season the scientist was also implicitly claiming that that meant an ice free Arctic ocean, the guy was just talking about an expanse of water ice free at the pole, not over the whole Arctic. On another occasion Watts attempted to link a scientist to some lowlife, (a bit like Rand’s been doing over Pen State), the comment I made was posted by Keith Kloor on his site, who agreed with what I’d said, which seemed to piss Watt’s off a bit.

        I doubt the failure to publish the missing comment at WUWT was deliberate, probably just an error.

        1. I’m sure Watts and his crew are nervously chewing their fingers in panic every time they see you post.

          ROFL. Get over yourself, Dude.

        2. “…a bit like Rand’s been doing over Pen State…”

          More mirth making. Freudian slip? You better get a lawyer. Mann sued Timothy Ball for that.

          1. You live in your own world Bart, where everything is as you want to believe it is. All I gave was an accurate account of why I get moderated at WUWT, the reasoning you dreamed up to justify your sarcasm is all in your own mind.

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