8 thoughts on “First Chick-Fil-A”

  1. Even if no one ever sees Clint’s new flick, or goes to another one, he’s worth about $375M. And at 82 years old, he’d have top REALLY splurge to wind up broke from the idiotarians boycotting him.

  2. Just did a search, no one w/i 40 miles of either Lawton, OK or Oklahoma City, Ok is showing the flick. Sad since that’s my 22nd anniversary weekend and I ‘spect wife-unit would be willing to watch Clint in pretty much anything. Me, too.

  3. I know I’m the last one to correct anyone on spellin g and grammar but it’s “make IT one of hist greatest hits evar!”

  4. Rush should put out this call. Whatever he equivalent of shutting down the Capital switchboard is would happen to the movie theater system.

  5. Thing is, I saw the trailer on this one, it has all the markings of a mopey chick flick, not what one thinks of when you think of an Eastwood pic. The movie was set up to fail before any of this ever happened, only now Eastwood gets the blame for a bomb that’s not his fault.

    I swore off movies a long time ago (more for money than politics, my big screen is just as nice and tickets are too expensive) but I made an exception for Act of Val0r, I guess I’ll have to for this one.

  6. Does a a baseball movie really have to be about politics? I think I’ve enjoyed every Eastwood movie (with him as actor or director) I’ve seen, and I don’t expect that to change because of his RNC gig. Plenty of actors and directors have political views I disagree with; I’m not going to let that ruin their movies for me.

    1. Jim, it depends on the actor/artist, and what they say. That slimy little putz, Jason Biggs, (for instance) has said some pretty vile things, as has his wife.

      Scarlett Johansson, on the other hand, I can forgive attending the Democratic convention, if she wants to continue playing Black Widow. 🙂

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