15 thoughts on “This Is Why Los Angeles Can’t Have Nice Things”

  1. Haha! This is a good one. They got Los Angeles right, but definitely *not* the people who showed up to watch Endeavour.

    I was in Inglewood on Crenshaw just north of Manchester on Saturday morning and one of the things that struck me was the beautiful demeanor of the crowd. People were there in droves–young and old and families with children of all ages. They were joyful and excited to be there as they waited patiently and politely along the sidewalks of Crenshaw Blvd. and even on the roofs of buildings. It was a friendly, parade-like environment. There were cheers as the Shuttle approached. But as it came closer and passed by, the reaction was awe and reverence. It was a joy to be there and witness this. I believe this was not only because of the historic nature of the day, but more, because it was ‘Space’ which captures the imagination like nothing else.

    1. No effin’ way. She’s in Southern California, where she was designed and built. Where else would be more appropriate? Certainly not the land of the Wright-Pat weenies…(not to take anything away from the Air Force museum itself – some of my DNA lives in there – but it wasn’t the right place for Endeavour.)

      1. Meh. You can have it. We like to keep the cool stuff, not a monument to NASA’s deliberate sabotage of every other launch system out there, just to keep the Shuttle alive.

        I kid. Some. :-\

  2. Um funny, because that shit never happened.

    ZERO arrests during the three-day journey through the streets.

    Also funny because Los Angeles CAN have nice things. Like the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

    How’s YOUR city’s space shuttle? Oh wait, you ain’t got one.

    1. typical Califonian response and mentality!!! You think you are entitled to everything! The decision to have Endeavour in CA was entirely political and you all know it!!!

      1. Doug, are you sure you’re talking about California and not Texas? 😉 The shuttles came off the production line in California before beginning their careers at Kennedy Space Center… Mission Control is in Houston because Lyndon Johnson said so.

  3. Note: When the old Rockwell Autonetics plant was pretty much closed down a couple of years ago ( I think there’s one building still operating) the city put up a monument to the aerospace workers and important technological advances which were accomplished at that facility. A couple of days after the dedication of the monument, a bunch of skateboarders defaced it and broke out the lights.

    Leave the Space Shuttle unguarded alone in a parking lot in downtown LA and it would look like that in about a week.

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