13 thoughts on “Obama’s “Fairness” Tax”

  1. Of course it’s political. Addressing the deficit by cutting Medicaid is political too. This is why we have elections.

    1. Why cut Medicaid spending when you can have a payroll tax holiday and cut Medicaid funding. It is so great being the adult in the room, eh Jim? You don’t have to be serious, as long as you are political! Awesome point you have there, Jim!

    2. Does Obama think it is just a ploy to get votes or does he really believes what he has been saying about letting the Bush tax cuts for the poor and middle class expire for the wealthy will solve all our problems? Neither looks good for Obama.

      Let Obama raise taxes on the rich. It wont have an impact on the deficits or the debt. How will he blame the rich after that? I mean, we all know he will so what is the next phase of his demonization strategy?

      1. Obama’s never said that letting some of the Bush tax cuts expire will solve all our problems. He’s just said that it’s part of a balanced approach.

  2. The fairness tax is the first installment on a series of tax increases. He’d done this before in over venues:

    If he gets his tax increase the way he wants it, the deficit will be completely untouched. (tax increase = misery)

    He will then say, “Obviously not enough we have to raise more revenue – I want new taxes. A VAT in addition to what we have. or a federal sales tax, or more rate increases”

    All the while spending hardly budges.

  3. When we’re queued up in line to buy our ration of fuel and choco we’ll all be extolling the great wonders of fairness.

    1. Indeed, Josh. We can go Edward G. Robinson on Jim and the other State-shtuppers and taunt, “Where’s yer ‘fairness’ NOWWWWWW , , , ,”

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