8 thoughts on “The Continuing Bengazi Lies”

  1. I suspect that it’s probably nothing more than ordinary incompetence (the kind that, perhaps, any administration might have committed), multiplied by a reflexive decision to hide it, and now it’s more and more expensive to just admit it…

  2. Yes, but why does the President get so visibly angry (2nd debate, press conference question on Susan Rice) every time it is brought up?

    That has to be a poker tell, but what is he holding in his hand that gets him showing that much emotion.

  3. I think the Administration was just trying to hide Al Qaeda. That is, they wanted it to be a spontaneous attack, because the alternative might be a prolonging of the GWOT. The only thing that concerns me is the quote from one of the father’s of a fallen SEAL, in which he says Hillary claimed they would put the movie’s creator in jail. That vindictiveness appears misguided, so why go there? Even if you truly believed it was the movie, why suggest jail was necessary?

    As for anger of Rice, that seems like regular politics. Rice did what she was told, and so now its time to protect her for doing what the President asked. I do think she is unworthy of the position of Sec State, much less her current job. When the President of Libya, who we helped put in power just a year earlier, says in a CBS interview that it was a preplaned attack; Rice should have shown a room temperature IQ and at least entertained the possibility that her intelligence might not be correct. She didn’t, and for that, she shouldn’t be confirmed.

  4. VDH sums it up quite well here:

    “Where does all this lead?

    I think nowhere. Unlike in the cases of Watergate and Iran-Contra, there is no investigative press, given the media’s worry about endangering the second-term agenda of a progressive president. There is no special prosecutor salivating after a government official, as there was with Scooter Libby. “The fog of war” and accusations of “Conspiracy theory!” should be enough to bury the scandal and discredit those who seek the truth. Modifying a CIA analysis for political purposes is probably no crime. Quid pro quos are simply the polite, everyday — and legal — Washington version of blackmail. In the end, the only casualties in this sordid tale were the sterling career of David Petraeus — and four murdered Americans whose deaths were preventable.”

    1. I agree and this is further proof of how far America has fallen. I go further and say the America our heroes died for doesn’t exist anymore. 2008 suggested it strongly and 2012 confirmed it. 2010 showed that even a revival of spirit is not enough.

      If America did still exist our population should be in an uproar instead of a whimper. We look at the sad state of other countries and fail to see our own.

      We have to look further down the road. We need to escape this planet.

      1. “We need to escape this planet.”

        Don’t mean to splash cold water on a worthy goal, but unless you are a main wheel in that effort, then you are still dependent upon what other people think, decide, do. You are still at the mercy of what other people decide whether it’s how the government should work or the best, fastest way off the planet. It’s similar to the mistake a lot of people made when Apollo 11 landed – “Ahhhhh NASA is going to get everyman into space! They are working on it now.”

        And therefore you are subject to the very same disappointments.

        The “you” here is not *you* per se, but people who have this thought. I don’t say this to chide you for not being a major player in either what sort of government we have nor building the wagon train to the stars. I’m not either.

        I say this because, in my opinion, people have simply given up. Or they will let other people do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping the government as the Founders intended. I’m in the latter group, sorry to say. I kept thinking Republicans will make the right decisions and do the right things – and I was repeatedly disappointed. I can’t sit around any more and limit myself to sending support money to candidates I like across the nation rather than to the Republican Party….that and voting are about all I did.

        Anyway my point is that if we look to the “executors” to attain the goals we want, we are ceding our power and future to them. And they are human, have their own goals, and never heard of you or I at all.

        1. That is a great point and I wholehearted agree. Here’s the difference I propose… We quit looking to the government to do it. We don’t want their involvement simply because we don’t want or need their blessings. Second, because that severely restricts options.

          So, now we are dependent on private industry. Is that just changing one master for another? It doesn’t have to be. Here are the advantages. Now you have the potential for many companies to pursue many options. Second, private individuals may never be able to afford to colonize. Without colonization, all we are left with are minimal pursuits.

          The key is realizing that individuals that are risking their lives deserve to remain free and independant and have to resources to pursue their own dream. They don’t have the resources to get there. Once there, they could have more than enough resources to exploit their situation. We just need to motivate those that would have the resources to provide them with transportation for free.

          Tie transportation to a reward and we’ve done that. Let each colonist claim a million dollars in property. Let each transporter claim 1000 times that for each individual claim. This gives everybody the right incentives and motivation.

          Plus it does it for any number of people and companies that may not even think of themselves as space companies or colonists. It opens up the entire solar system and it could be done now at current costs which will naturally come down as more companies get involved and compete.

          We have to accept some power to executors. We don’t have to give all power and should not. We don’t need just more earth slave.

  5. Obama probably watched the ambassador die on video and said to himself that’s it, it can’t get any worse and went to bed without authorizing any rescue efforts forgetting there were more lives at stake than the ambassador. Good thing the CIA tried to protect their own.

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