3 thoughts on “More Guns, Less Crime”

  1. Here in NC in the last week, we’ve had several shooting events.

    Some sort of ??? happened and a man shot another man to death in a parking lot, he later shot a LEO, was shot himself and is in the hospital, no reason given yet in the news.

    Two masked armed men shot up a convenience store, killed one worker, wounded another.

    There was a shooting yesterday that was originally reported as IN an auto repair shop, now it’s being reported as an accidental shooting, the victim was shot in the leg while he ‘was looking at’ a gun. But there was a big BOLO for several runners, three ‘men’ escaped, two are in custody now, one hasn’t been charged yet and the ONLY age given is for the 20 year old victim. The lack of age, and addresses, usually means minors are involved.

    So we’ve got three OBVIOUS gun CRIMES, two people dead, several injured, and the most of the TV and newspaper Comment Sections and Op/Eds are filled with people saying ALL guns should be TURNED IN. The problem isn’t theirs I don’t think for that opinion, they just believe the MSM hype.

    The problem is that the MSM never runs ANY stories about someone defending themselves, or their homes, or a store, restaurant or business with a gun! I’ve heard at least one reporter say on a local talk show that it doesn’t get reported, because it NEVER happens!

    There was another robbery yesterday in a chain pharmacy here. The drugged out robber had a large knife and he pushed several customers to the back of the store and he held them while he waited for the pharmacist to show up at the window. One of the customers, a brawny young man, grabbed the robber, fought with and disarmed the robber. The customer was cut, the robber ran off, he was caught a short time later, the customer is a hero and will heal up from being slashed on the arm.

    Having said all that above, can you tell me that this was THE only instance of someone stopping a criminal in the act? In a country of almost 400M people, I’d bet it happens several dozen times everyday. And given that most crimes like this are committed with guns, how many are STOPPED by guns? Probably more than are stopped by unarmed people fighting a criminal for their weapon.

    But the MSM keeps pushing the Left’s idiot ideas that ALL guns kill people and that ALL gun owners are potential murderers. Well, the data would show just the opposite, and I for one will not be holding my breath until they tell the truth about guns and crime.

    1. Comment Sections and Op/Eds are filled with people saying ALL guns should be TURNED IN.

      Do they honestly believe the criminals will obey that law any more than they obey all others? Are they that stupid?

      [MAGIC8BALL]Signs point to Yes[/MAGIC8BALL]

  2. “It sort of reminds me of this headline at the Gray Lady a few years ago.”

    First thing I thought of when seeing that was “where’s Insty on this and why hasn’t he mentioned Fox Butterfield?”

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