Save The Crab Lice

OK, I decided that I had to take action to prevent this environmental holocaust. So head on over and sign my petition. I know they’re microfauna, not mega, and not all that charismatic, but they’re all God’s creatures. Let’s see if we can break a hundred thousand.

[Update a while later]

A comment over at Free Republic: “Just another case of Brazilian deforestation causing another extinction of a species.”

[Afternoon update]

An email from Jim Bennett: “If you declared Sandra Fluke’s nether parts to be a navigable waterway they would come under the jurisdiction of the Army Corps of Engineers, who would then have the power to forbid the clear-cutting of habitat.”

14 thoughts on “Save The Crab Lice”

  1. I am disquieted about the apparent rush to depilate amongst the youngsters these days. Without getting too graphic on a family blog, the notion of having congress with a shorn female makes me queasy. Too close to pedophilia, in my book.

    But, maybe it has something to do with how you came of age. A woman with hairy legs is a real turn-off to me, too. But, one could make a similar argument against leg shaving. Oh, well. At my age and marital status, it’s not something I should spend much time thinking about anyway.

    1. At the risk of TMI, I will only say that in my case, it has nothing whatsoever to do with pedophilia (I have absolutely no desire for congress with other than adults, and am as much if not more disgusted by the thought as homosexual activities), and much more to do with aesthetics, and not liking hair caught in teeth.

      But won’t anyone think about the crabs?!

  2. I’m not signing the petition but I will go see the upcoming James Cameron CGI animated movie dramatizing this sensitive issue.

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