A Plague On The Earth

That’s what misanthrope extremist David Attenborough thinks of humanity.

I suspect he also wants to confine the infection to a single planet.

And as always, my advice to such people is to lead by example.

[Update a while later]

Here’s another person who should lead by example. Paul Ehrlich, who’s been wrong about pretty much all of his predictions for forty years, says that no one has a right to twelve, or even three children.

7 thoughts on “A Plague On The Earth”

  1. I’m mildly surprised extreme environmentalists don’t advocate a mass Earth exodus. I guess they have too strong of a Luddite streak to push in that direction.

  2. And as always, my advice to such people is to lead by example.

    David Attenborough and his wife had two children, a son and a daughter. He reportedly has “several grandchildren” but I can’t find the number. If he believes the human race is a plague on the Earth, he should start with his own family.

    Oh, he means OTHER people are a plague, not him and his family. We should be ashamed for thinking that he and his are part of the problem. We should volunteer to die so they can live in paradise. Or not.

    1. Beat me to it.
      People like Attemborough never mean themselves; they’re too important. They mean savages, primitive peoples who live in places like sub-Saharan Africa and Utah.
      When he begins his cleansing campaign at home, I’ll believe him.

  3. He’s quite the smug, self-important plague carrier isn’t he. Does he realize he’s a human too? Shouldn’t he be sterilizing/flogging himself and his children and weeping that he’s too weak to do the right thing, overcome his natural will to live and “lead by example”?

    And if we’re a plague, why care about stopping our spread humanely? We don’t bother to consider the feelings, pain, or suffering of the microbes that infect us (let alone plaque carriers like rats) when we deliver overwhelmingly violent cell tearing genocide upon them via antibiotics (just because they make us feel icky). Or consider the plight of the rat, rat poison is an awful death, but worse still is being eaten and killed by a relatively much larger mammal. Like being eaten by a tiger the size of a dump-truck, terrifying. I think it is being disingenuous or unprincipled to consider humanity a plague and do anything other than advocate immediate violent (other animals might want to eat our corpses so we don’t want to use poison) murder of all humans.

    Maybe he doesn’t really mean it, or he meant to say that we are ‘similar in some ways’ to a plague.

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