11 thoughts on “California’s Energy Costs”

  1. I’ve been thinking about the idiocracy lately….

    ..common sense should tell them that their fantasies are going to implode. But ok, if they lack common sense they have an abundance of real world evidence sitting right before their very eyes….

    no effect…..

    Well why is this? The lefty elites swim in a seething pool of arrogance so while they have the mental chops to figure it all out, they have no desire to do so.

    The Lo-Infos?

    My surmise is that survival is no longer a question in their minds. Death concentrates the mind wonderfully. A fight for survival clears away fuzzy thinking and cotton-headed ideas…..or it clears away the person. Look at the people from Poland – many of them actually had to fight to live 30-40-50 years ago and that’s why they laugh and shake their heads at the American Lefty Elites.

    And it is a feature of humans in general that we think that whatever the situation is now, it will persist. So those not having to struggle figure they will never have to struggle. The Federal trough will always be there.

    There’s no reason to read, think, and learn, thanks to the trough, and so they don’t. But they’ll certainly vote for the trough.

    1. But they’ll certainly vote for the trough.

      Well, they painted themselves into a corner with that. Kind of explains how such policies are so sticky to begin with.

  2. My favorite comment on the piece is from acat “If they’re drawing hope from Colorado, I’ll just point out that the native culture there and in Cali isn’t nearly as virulent as Texas culture.” This is true, the more people who move to Texas, regardless of race or economic background, the more red it gets.

  3. “I feel like I’m living in an idiocracy.”

    And as much as I used to love the state, it has become an idiocracy. The idiots on the Left keep electing Lefty Dems who have created the spending problems that are hamstringing the state. I hate it for you and any thinking person who lives there.

    I don’t feel much for the non-thinkers. They created the mess and blame everyone BUT themselves. I’ve got a good friend who says CA started going down hill, when Reagan became a Republican. As if a pre-Republican Reagan affected the overall state economy in any way.

    But he’s quite typical of people I know out there who vote for Democrats all the time. It’s not MY fault things are like this!

    1. It would be more accurate to say Reagan became a Republican because of what he saw democrats becoming.

      1. No doubt PeterH.

        Reagan himself said that he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, they left him. But regardless of that, that Ronald Reagan’s political party change in 1962, caused to happen or set in motion all the crazy stuff going on in CA now, seems at best wholly uninformed, or at worst delusional. But to be honest, many on the Left seem uninformed and delusional to me. So maybe my friend is ‘normal’ for who he is and where he lives?

        A gun loving, gay veteran, living in northern CA. It’s gotta be a Jekyl – Hyde existence.

  4. Keep in mind the idiots still have more information than the state and make decisions that make sense in their twisted environment. This only changes if we change the environment.

  5. Some California voters will blame the resulting high costs on businesses and vote for more regulations to restrain them.

    Others will blame the high costs on high population densities and move to less crowded states.

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