The Leftist Barack Obama


The notion that he was ever a moderate was always lunacy, but he fooled a lot of the rubes, like Warren Buffett and David Brooks (not to mention Christopher Buckley, Peggy Noonan, et al) over the past five years.

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  1. The link is wrong (same as previous post).

    I once devised a way to figure out if someone was a socialist/communist at heart. Just ask them how they feel about handing over money at the corner store.

    Obviously if they say anything like “yeah, man, money is evil” or whatever, you’ve got yourself a commie.

    If they’re basically apathetic about it, or just haven’t really thought about it much, you can follow up with a question about the “double thank you” that happens at the end of most transactions. I don’t know if this still happens in the US, with owner-operated stores being the exception, not the norm, but whenever I go to the store the shop keep will thank me for my patronage and I’ll thank him for being open/well stocked/etc.

    Of course, there’s plenty of people who just say thank you at the end of a transaction because they’ve been conditioned to do so. They’re not really thankful, in fact, they’d rather have the money and the goods too and consider the shop keeper some kind of “middle man” who is just keeping them from getting free stuff.

  2. I don’t buy the excuse that Obama has only a little time to get things done. It makes a good smoke screen for what he is doing now, like it is a crisis and he has to act while he can, but he can keep doing what he is doing now for four years. And he can win the House in the mid terms giving him two years of unfettered power. So if he has only a little time to get things done, it will be at the end of his term.

    1. he can win the House in the mid terms

      The President’s party usually loses seats in the mid-terms, and the way districts are gerrymandered the Dems would need to win the House vote by 7% to win half the seats. That sort of mid-term landslide by the President’s party is virtually unheard of, even before you consider that this President’s party relies on a base (the young, minorities) that tends to not turn out for mid-terms.

      Plus, as Obama learned in 2009-2010, having the House and 50-something Senate votes does not give one “unfettered” power, thanks to the filibuster. He had 60 votes for just a few months between Franken’s swearing in and Byrd and Kennedy’s health problems, and even then he was hostage to the most conservative Senators on his side (Lieberman, Landrieu, Nelson). Hence no public option, no cap-and-trade, etc.

      Obama’s window for doing anything big in domestic policy is the next nine months.

      1. Plus, as Obama learned in 2009-2010, having the House and 50-something Senate votes does not give one “unfettered” power

        People do seem to forget that Republican held both houses of Congress as well as the White House, 2003-07, and despite the anguished cries of the BDS sufferers he didn’t have “unfettered power” either.

      2. Obama is making a play for the mid terms. He is collecting money, spun off his campaign machine into a PAC, and is already making campaign speeches. The Republican minority in the Senate could shrink too.

        Obama has been very effective with his us vs them rhetoric mobilizing his base based on negative stereotypes of his opponents skin color. Why wouldn’t that line of attack work in the mid terms as well?

        You say Obama didn’t have unfettered power because of the filibuster, technically true, but Obama got everything he wanted anyway. Democrat gains in the House and Senate would make it even harder to put up resistence.

        Even if the balance of congressional power stays the same after the mid terms, Obama can still do everything he is doing now. This talk of only having a few months is BS. It is the effort to create a false crisis to excuse Obama’s behavior. Later there will be other excuses. We all know Obama isn’t going to quit and roll over in a couple months.

  3. He had “unfettered power” before the 2010 election, while the rubes were still in thrall, and all he got was this lousy ObamaCare t-shirt — and he had to shoplift that.

  4. Obama a leftist? All people had to do was to go to Bill Ayer’s website and see the red star at the top of the page. But then again, many Americans don’t know the symbolism of the red star.

    1. It was nice to see Dick Cheney in one of those. Amazing how we still get Cheney shooting joke and never any joke about Bidens motorcade killing 3-4 people.

      1. Jim’s right wodun. It’s not 3-4 people, just 3 accidents in a month with one fatality. But wait, there was also the fatality accident in 2009, when Biden’s motorcade struck a pedestrian. That makes 2. And then there was the motorcycle officer in Obama’s motorcade that struck a pick-up and died. So if you include the entire ticket, then you have 3 fatalities.

        Oh my, more accidents identified here including a fatality in a Hillary motorcade. I guess we are up to 4.
        If closing the gun show loophole is a ploy to save just one child, imagine the lives saved if we made Democrats walk every once and while. Seriously though, don’t you love these quotes from the linked story:

        Biden spokesman Jay Carney, in a written statement, classified the incident as a “minor accident.”

        “We don’t talk about those kinds of things,” he said.

        The US military doesn’t have such disregard for human life, and you can find their safety record right here. Obama most transparent Presidency ever, my ass.

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