9 thoughts on “Substituting Beer For Water”

  1. It must have some beneficial effect, because I sure do crave it after prolonged activity, e.g., a softball or golf game. Not so much after an intense workout.

  2. Yes, but as anyone who has read Doon, the National Lampoon parody of Frank Herbert’s Dune would know, such leads to beer addiction, marked by the red-on-red Eye of Egad and other symptoms . . .

  3. Beer will probably leave a stain in the bath tub. It may or may work in the laundry, depending on what type of detergent you use. Most species of lawn grass will survive, but probably not flourish, on beer. The alcohol content will make it less effective for firefighting.

    In any event, it will be much more expensive than water.

    Why do you ask?

  4. Since Northern Europeans were doing so well into early modernity, that sounds like a solidly stupid question. And the linked article eventually gets around to the subject of “small beer” and so forth. People with rotten sanitation generally used cut their water supplies with a certain amount of alcohol in order to keep from dying of dysentery and the like. The water in 1650 London was *lethal*. Tea replaced small beer when they a) could afford to import it and b) could afford to boil their water to make it.

  5. It seem to work well in the Middle Ages when water was mostly unfit to drink.


    [[[Middle Ages Drink
    The people of the Middle Ages enjoyed to drink, and as water was often unclean, it was a necessity. The poor drank ale, mead or cider and the rich were able to drink many different types of wines. Beer is not only one of the oldest fermenting beverages used by man, but it is also the one which was most in vogue in the Middle Ages. ]]]

    Folks forget that water only replaced beer when governments begin to build advance water systems in the late 19th Century. Before then it was mostly unfit near urban areas.

  6. “Hammered workers, after all, make for wonky pyramids.”

    So who says they were SUPPOSED to BE pyramids?

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